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Author Subject Recipient Topics Date Sent
1 Abner Peck Spencer Report from Sackets Harbor during War of 1812 Henry Grindage Historical 1813-05-17
2 Abraham Bercaw Democrat in Whiggish country Alfred Peck Edgerton Historical 1846-07-20
3 Adelia Wheat Family letter Almiron Wheat Genealogical 1863-04-06
4 Adriana Callow Relay Widow writes to daughter of hard times in Poughkeepsie Harriet Relay Tucker Genealogical 1839-10-15
5 Alexander Bowman Chandler Destruction around Rapidan and Rappahannock Mary Ann Bowman Chandler Civil War 1863-11-12
6 Alexander Contee Hanson, Sr. Chancellor of Maryland Alexander Hanson writes to Brig Gen John Kilty "they will not quietly submit to direct taxation" John Kilty Historical 1796-09-07
7 Alexander McNeil Remarkable description of fighting around cornfield at Antietam Hobart V. Whelton Civil War 1862-09-21
8 Alexander "Sandy" Thompson Dry Tortugas Lighthouse keeper; former ship commander in Mexican Navy Friend Historical 1834-05-10
9 Alonzo Ringer Let the war continue rather than elect Lil' Mac Phebe Ringer Civil War 1864-11-05
10 Amanda S. Penly Sisters writing of good times back home on the farm Joseph Albert Penly Civil War Genealogical 1865-01-02
11 Amanda S. Penly Seeing prisoners on the home front Joseph Albert Penly Civil War Genealogical 1865-03-19
12 Amanda S. Penly Life at home on the farm Joseph Albert Penly Civil War Genealogical 1864-10-04
13 Amanda S. Penly Sherman’s troops were agoing to Alexandria and Father is under him Joseph Albert Penly Civil War Genealogical 1865-05-28
14 Amos Gilman Bartlett Son writes to Father about family matters problems in France Ezra Bartlett Genealogical 1835-02-21
15 Amzi Alexander Hawn Soldier writes home about poor health Mary M Yoder Hawn Civil War Genealogical 1863-02-24
16 Andrew Carson Cowles North Carolina Senator writes to Father In Law about whiskey Reuben Reynolds Genealogical 1877-10-29
17 Andrew Carson Cowles Former Confederate Officer writes future wife Margaret Reynolds Genealogical 1869-06-27
18 Andrew Carson Cowles North Carolina senator writes his Father In law Reuben Reynolds Genealogical 1870-10-30
19 Andrew Carson Cowles North Carolina senator writes Uncle Hugh Reynolds Genealogical 1870-10-31
20 Andrew Carson Cowles North Carolina senator writes Father In Law Reuben Reynolds Genealogical 1870-11-21
21 Andrew Carson Cowles Senator from North Carolina writes Father In Law Reuben Reynolds Historical 1871-03-16
22 Andrew Carson Cowles Senator writes to debtor J. H. Best Genealogical 1872-02-10
23 Andrew Carson Cowles North Carolina senator writes his uncle, Hugh Reynolds Hugh Reynolds Genealogical 1873-02-16
24 Andrew Carson Cowles Andrew Carson Cowles writes to his future wife Maggie Reynolds Margaret Reynolds Genealogical 1869-11-15
25 Andrew Carson Cowles Andrew Carson Cowles writes his future wife Maggie Reynolds Margaret Reynolds Genealogical 1869-07-04
26 Andrew Carson Cowles Letter to future brother-in-law about slave matters and love life William H Samford Slavery 1855-12-13
27 Andrew Oliver Andrew Oliver asks Jedediah Foster to assist him in pricing a tract of land Jedediah Foster Historical 1773-06-06
28 Anna Maria Hayward Hurricane hits Apalachicola Elizabeth Austin Hayward Chamberlaine Genealogical 1852-10-25
29 Ann Cameron Wife writes to her Confederate husband Allen Cameron Civil War 1862-10-12
30 Ann Cameron Wife writes to husband in confederate army Allen Cameron Civil War 1862-07-27
31 Ann Cameron Wife writes to husband about her difficulty with their slaves Allen Cameron Slavery 1863-03-02
32 Ann Clark Thruston Farrar Complains how progress is changing Louisville John Benjamin O' Fallon Genealogical Historical 1835-11-27
33 Anthony Theunis Dey Letter from one brother to another about breeding horses Pierson Dey Genealogical 1821-06-23
34 Atwilda Rose Andrews Young girl with crush writing soldier about Sleighing Joseph Albert Penly Civil War Genealogical 1865-03-12
35 Atwilda Rose Andrews I suppose it will be hard for the soldiers to settle down Joseph Albert Penly Civil War Genealogical 1865-05-21
36 Atwilda Rose Andrews Rejoice Lee's Army is Captured but now the great woe that our president is dead. Our VP is a drunk. Joseph Albert Penly Civil War Genealogical 1865-04-16
37 Augusta Cameron Slave boy killed, consumed by fire, hogs, & buzzards. Overseer's house burned Allan Cameran Slavery 1855-03-16
38 A. W. Sanborn Brief letter to Elmer Bragg's Step-Father William S. Carter Genealogical 1861-12-09
39 Benjamin Bakewell Traveling between France and England shorty after Treaty of Amiens Euphemia Gifford Historical 1802-05-11
40 Benjamin Bangs Communication to a father about his sailor son's death aboard ship Nathaniel Pillsbury Historical 1842-03-29
41 Benjamin Boyd Purchasing of anchors Nathaniel Cushing Genealogical Historical 1801-07-02
42 Benjamin Field Nurse writes shortly after Battle of Stones River about his duties David Civil War 1863-02-19
43 Benjamin Waring Wanting to buy young slaves Timothy Green Historical 1795-01-20
44 Bennet Munro Ship letter from Havana to wife Sarah Munro Genealogical 1804-04-10
45 Bettie Kennedy Cousin writes to Margaret Reynolds about the death of her daughter Carrie Bell Margaret Reynolds Genealogical 1890-01-27
46 Blakely Sharpless Writes to future wife about Yellow Fever and how buzzing mosquitoes are annoying him Mary Offley Historical 1819-07-01
47 Blakely Sharpless In less than 36 hours Yellow Fever takes both parents Mary Offley Historical 1819-08-01
48 Blakely Sharpless Suggesting future wife should return to town as epidemic is abating Mary Offley Historical 1820-09-20
49 Blakely Sharpless To future wife about Yellow Fever epidemic Mary Offley Historical 1820-09-06
50 Blakely Sharpless Letter to wife about brother’s tragic death Mary Offley Historical 1824-08-28
51 Bryant Burwell Buffalo Dr. writes wife about trip to Philadelphia for extended education Ann Clark Burwell Historical 1827-11-07
52 Calvin Tilden Politics, fire, and legal matters Theodore Cobb Historical 1829-03-17
53 Captain John Moulton War between France and Britain causing shipping to stagnate Sally Webber Moulton Historical 1803-07-03
54 Captain John Ritchie Ritchie reports on fighting between French and British fleets Samuel Burleigh Historical 1779-08-17
55 Catharine Peet Bostwick Discusses sinking of the steamship Lexington Mrs. John Howard Historical 1840-01-18
56 Charles Albert Fiske Description Battle of Bull Run C. A. Locke Civil War 1861-07-29
57 Charles Babcock Noyes Future victim of steamer “Lexington” explosion writes his older brother Henry Noyes Historical 1832-01-05
58 Charles Biddle, Jr. Charles Biddle accuses VP Martin Van Buren of blocking his appointment to an office by President Jackson Vice President Martin Van Buren Historical 1834-08-10
59 Charles Carroll Bayard Describes diver in 1843 salvaging machinery from sunken USS Missouri Richard Henry Bayard Historical 1843-12-21
60 Charles K. Crumit Vivid five month summary of the 53rd Ohio’s experiences at the Battles of Fort Henry, Fort Donelson, Corinth, and the grim Shiloh. Cousin Eliza Civil War 1862-07-30
61 Charles Lawrence Son's short letter to Father as he begins voyage Abel Lawrence Genealogical 1819-02-01
62 Charles Morfoot Description of woman searching for her prsioner husband; soldiers stealing food Elizabeth Morfoot Civil War 1863-08-26
63 Charles Morfoot Letter to wife from Alabama about troops gathering against Gen. Bragg; camp life Elizabeth Morfoot Civil War 1863-11-20
64 Charles Morfoot Soldier writes home of battle, casuaties, hogs eating the dead Elizabeth Morfoot Civil War 1862-10-12
65 Charles Morfoot Rebs and Yanks who know one another talk and shoot at each other during battle Elizabeth Morfoot Civil War 1863-07-11
66 Charles Perry Goodrich Calvary officer describes battle to wife as it happens Frances D. Goodrich Civil War 1864-06-02
67 Charles Sylvester Smith Camp life Gen. Averrell's raid on Kelly's Ford Betsey Tibbets Smith Civil War 1863-03-21
68 Charlotte Walker Rowlett McKinney Kentucky woman asks her father for slaves Matthew Jouet Rowlett Slavery 1844-05-04
69 Churchill Caldom Cambreleng Deposition of John Quincy Adams just prior to controversial election by House William D Lewis Historical 1825-01-22
70 Clark Swett Edwards General writes his wife Maria Antionette Mason Edwards Civil War 1863-01-26
71 Clement S Dunning Letter to sister about slave children Abigail Dunning Slavery 1865-01-26
72 Colonel Robert Orr Colonel River Orr asks about missing man Dr. Hector Orr Genealogical Historical 1806-01-23
73 Cyrus Adams Liberty Party is growing Thomas Rider Kingsbury Historical 1846-09-19
74 Dana Hubbard West Virginia pioneer describes mob killing of abolitionist Elijah P. Lovejoy Chester Hubbard Slavery 1837-12-20
75 Dandridge Claiborne Freeman Texas attorney with possible connections to Sam Houston writes home to wife M. A. Freeman Genealogical 1855-06-24
76 Daniel D. Tompkins N.Y. Governor suggests protocol to Acting Superintendent of West Point Alden Partridge Historical 1814-09-24
77 Daniel Edward Ravenel Young man writes home after being bled and dies shortly afterwards Daniel Ravenel Jr. Historical 1833-07-15
78 Daniel Kendig Teaching, Meeting President Polk, James Buchanan G. E. Wilson Historical Political 1845-12-22
79 David B. Taylor Family letter Sarah Taylor Genealogical 1838-08-09
80 David Offley David Offley to sister about his plans if there is peace with England Mary Offley Historical 1814-02-24
81 David Offley Brutal capture of Ipsara [Psara ] by the Turks, women and children made slaves Mary Offley Historical 1824-10-14
82 David Offley David Offley writes of growing old and Smyrna Mary Offley Historical 1829-08-09
83 David Offley David Offley sailing for Cadiz with marriage on the rocks Mary Offley Historical 1813-12-16
84 David Offley David Offley captured by Danish privateers Mary Offley Historical 1810-07-17
85 David Redman Burbank Brother tells brother his son is alive and has not been killed by Indians Silas Burbank Genealogical Historical 1850-03-11
86 David Robinson Preston Travel letter to Tallahassee Robert Robinson Preston Historical 1842-01-20
87 Dr. Hall Jackson Famous physician inoculates young family for small pox after it takes the Father Major William Weeks Historical 1795-06-09
88 Dr. Henry H Steiner Fort Wacassasa Fl: Buys son a mulatto boy, George Rev Alfred Holmead Seminole Indian Wars Slavery 1842-12-09
89 Dr. Norman Lyman Very poignant letter of tuberculosis taking two daughters Rev Orange Lyman Genealogical Historical 1841-06-20
90 Earl Wheeler Small pox break out William Jessup Historical 1844-08-26
91 Ebenezer Jackson Father writes daughter of sale of slaves Mary Selina Jackson Slavery 1828-02-07
92 Edmund Kimball Major shipping objective to find ports with low fees; suggests Ireland and Portugal Captain John Moulton Historical 1803-06-28
93 Edward Blair Watkinson Two Irish immigrant children travelling alone being taken care of by Edward Blair Watkinson Samuel Thompson Nephews Company Historical 1855-09-15
94 Edward Everett Gettysburg orator, Edward Everett, on his daughter's death; a signed memoir Mister Gordon Historical 1843-11-04
95 Edward Leroy Lemert Three of four brothers die during civil war Jasper S. Ross Civil War 1864-01-12
96 Edward Robert Cassatt State Senator writes to Father mentioning Railroad through Wabash Indiana Jacob Cassett Diseases/epidemics Genealogical Historical 1852-09-08
97 Edward Shepard Jr. Great letter about Cholera epidemic of 1832 & details of mercantile business Edward Shepard Sr. Historical 1832-08-08
98 Edwin McMasters Stanton Lincoln's Sec. of War offers his opinion of San Francisco & Chinese immigration J P Gazzami Historical 1858-04-18
99 E. H. Baines Virginia slave owner complains about the abuse of his slave John Fitzgerald Slavery 1852-08-10
100 Eleazer Wallis Mentions Robbery of Suffolk Bank and Chilean Convicts taking over the ship Florida Ezekiel Webber Genealogical Historical 1852-04-06
101 Elijah Howard As mourning period for first wife ends, man writes love letter to future wife Fidelia Williams Genealogical 1819-06-11
102 Elizabeth Baldwin Titus Letter to family and asking for yarn Hannah Baldwin Genealogical 1792-05-06
103 Elizabeth F. Woodson Moss Ashley Mrs. Ashley writes about family and much about health resorts of Kentucky James Tower Sweringen Genealogical Historical 1847-08-10
104 Elizabeth Langhorne Leitch Discussion of the duel in which Whig editor John Hampden Pleasants was killed Anne Anderson Langhorne Historical 1846-02-28
105 Elizabeth Nason Walworth Travel, abolitionists, meeting Indians on the way to Washington to sign treaty Martha M Guild Historical 1837-10-30
106 Elizabeth Palmer Peabody Famed educator talking about introducing kindergarten to U. S. Elizabeth Historical 1871-11-05
107 Elizabeth Palmer Peabody Famed woman educator intimidated by presenting suggestions to male educators Mr Benedict Historical 1851
108 Eliza Cushing Eliza and Elijah Cushing write of their boat and stage travels in 1835 Theodore Cobb Historical 1835-05-29
109 Eliza Davis Penly Mother reads son still in battlefield Joseph Albert Penly Civil War Genealogical 1864-09-11
110 Eliza Davis Penly Mother adds note about the surrender of Lee to Grant and then the death of Lincoln Joseph Albert Penly Civil War Genealogical 1865-04-23
111 Eliza Davis Penly Mother's advice: get Ellen to hunt you up a factory girl Joseph Albert Penly Civil War Genealogical 1864-12-18
112 Eliza Davis Penly The last battle frightened the selectmen has offered to pay four hundred to the drafted man Joseph Albert Penly Civil War Genealogical 1865-02-20
113 Eliza Herndon Maury Eleven year old niece of Rev. James Maury writes him about about her family James Maury Genealogical Historical 1805-02-19
114 Ellen Nellie Penly I am very proud of my brother Joseph Albert Penly Civil War Genealogical 1864-11-20
115 Ellen Nellie Penly Soldiers going to Canada to avoid draft Joseph Albert Penly Civil War Genealogical 1864-10-02
116 Ellen Nellie Penly I hope Father Abraham will keep his seat for the next four years Joseph Albert Penly Civil War Genealogical 1864-09-18
117 Elmer Bragg Soldier describes role in the battle of Fredericksburg; later KIA Spotsylvania Ruth Bragg Civil War 1862-12-28
118 Emert A. Parker Pension Office employee describes Washington D.C. immediately after Lincoln assassination Harriet S. Parker Civil War Historical 1865-04-17
119 Emily Orissa Chase Signs of the war ending, President dead Joseph Albert Penly Civil War Genealogical 1865-05-03
120 Emmet Irwin Graphic scenes around Malvern Hill James G. Irwin Civil War 1862-08-07
121 Emory Cargill Diary of teenage boy in last few months before his death from consumption Emory Cargill Genealogical 1854
122 Enoch Long Colby Young physician's businesslike marriage proposal to future wife Sarah Maria Porter Genealogical 1836-09-12
123 Eseck G. Wilber Marching towards Battle of Gettysburg from soldier who dies a POW Andersonville Parents (Wilber) Civil War 1863-06-21
124 Ethelinde Latting Deall Letter to brother about her move to Burlington Charles Latting Genealogical 1838-12-20
125 Eugene Hartford Sailor writes short letter to his father from New Orleans James Hartford Civil War 1863-05-08
126 Eugene Hartford Sailor describes naval attack & death of his sister in a letter from New Orleans James Hartford Civil War 1862-06-22
127 Ezra O. Sawyer Letter from William Vanauken's sisters and brother-in-law William E. Vanauken Civil War 1863-10-25
128 Forbes Britton Detailed description of bottom of the mouth of the Suwanee River Nathaniel Lynde Griswold Historical Seminole Indian Wars 1840-01-15
129 Frances T. Collins Mother writes to son in Elmira Prison Richard Collins Civil War 1864-11-13
130 Frances T. Collins Mother writes to her POW son in Elmira Prison Robert Collins Civil War 1864-09-08
131 Frances T. Collins Mother writes to son in Elmira Prison Robert Collins Civil War 1865-02-08
132 Francis Henry Brown Dr. writes about Fair Oak wounded & oustanding description of Capitol and Congress Margaret Doggett Eaton Wyman Civil War 1862-06-16
133 Francis Henry Brown Wife writes that getting rid of slavery not such a good idea Charles F. Wyman Civil War 1862-07-11
134 Francis H. Lincoln Describes skirmishes with the Confederates Isaac H. Lutz Civil War 1863-11-16
135 Francis Holmes 1751 letter from a nephew to Ebenezer Holmes of Charles Town, South Carolina Ebenezer Holmes Colonial 1751-09-21
136 Francis Rufus Bigelow Brother hails vessel to write letter to brother Andrew Bigelow Genealogical 1819-08-16
137 Franklin Allen Whitney Private from the 36th Illinois writes home to his father about a skirmish James Harvey Whitney Civil War 1864-06-20
138 Frederick Bosworth Before his death at Manassas Gap, Freddie writes his little sister Ella Ella Bosworth Civil War 1863-02-01
139 Gabriel Allen Rhode Island politics William Barton Historical 1816-04-19
140 Gabriel Allen Letter to imprisoned Gen Barton over politics & 1814 invasion William Barton Historical 1814-07-21
141 Gabriel Allen Rhode Island's preparedness for war; Peace Party; Henry Letters William Barton Historical 1813-04-19
142 Gabriel Allen Gabriel writes of his take on the politics of the time William Barton Historical 1814-08-08
143 George Andrews Fort Brooke Fla: Sick soldiers; how to terminate war Alexander L. Thomas Seminole Indian Wars 1837-09-14
144 George Greene Young pioneer describes his first season settling Mount Independence Amos Lockwood Genealogical 1804-09-10
145 George Henry Kingsbury George Henry Kingsbury writes to Mother as he relocates in Boston Julia Ann Bourne Kingsbury Genealogical 1856-09-05
146 George Nathan Burwell Doctor describes cases at Philadelphia Hospital to his M.D. Father Bryant Burwell Genealogical 1843-05-08
147 George Washington Gordon Family selling some of their slaves son Slavery 1858-11-03
148 George Washington Langworthy Short letter to fiance' 17 days before wedding Emily Baker Genealogical 1841-04-02
149 George Whitefield Kirkland George Kirkland writes a request for a promotion to President Adams via the President’s private secretary William Smith Shaw Historical 1801-01-12
150 George W. Hutchings Letter informing mother that her surgeon son is likely a prisoner Maria Cooper Civil War 1864-09-04
151 Gorge Carman Soldier in Washington writing home about camp life Joe Civil War 1862-01-09
152 Gorge Carman Soldier writes that he and his comrades are anxious for England to enter the War Brother (Carman) Civil War 1861-12-14
153 Hale Leavitt Keyes Travel letter; trains that travel at 35 mph; Jackson rally; Bunker Hill Monument James Murdock Smith Historical 1834-05-06
154 Harriet Coit Towner I think you would not be so apprehensive of a dissolution of our glorious Union Daniel Coit Towner Genealogical Political 1850-12-24
155 Harriet Coit Towner Mother’s advice to son about students and professors teasing, bullying him Daniel Coit Towner Genealogical 1851-03-11
156 Harvey Franklin Pollard Annexation of Texas William Mann Historical Mexican War Political 1845-03-11
157 Helen Mary Freeman Cousin chatter Dandridge Claiborne Freeman Genealogical 1851-09-08
158 Henry Carver Bosler Travelling through Louisville Elizabeth Kennedy Bosler Genealogical 1818-02-09
159 Henry Clay Ward Description of the battle of Balls Bluff by Gen Henry Ward Charles Tucker Civil War 1861-11-10
160 Henry Kingsbury Father scolds son for spending money George Henry Kingsbury Genealogical 1842-09-05
161 Henry Kingsbury Short note to send son money for fare home George Henry Kingsbury Genealogical 1843-05-13
162 Henry (Unknown) Letter to wife about life in Washington D. C. in week after Battle of Bull Run Wife (Henry) Civil War 1861-07-25
163 Henry (Unknown) Letter describing the Battle of Bull Run Wife (Henry) Civil War 1861-07-23
164 Hilary Valentine Harris Picketts talking to one another across river from hero of Pickett's charge Wife (Harris) Civil War Unknown
165 Hiram Hill Boy writes home from Mount Pleasant Institute for Boys Otis G. Hill Genealogical 1855-05-28
166 Hiram W. Chase Sending sympathy for loss of child Otis Read Corbett Genealogical 1850-10-13
167 Hugh White Representative writes his cousin from Florida Abiah Lawrence Plumb Genealogical 1869-04-19
168 Isaac Humphreys Longest ask for a loan ever Governor Joseph Bloomfield Historical 1807-07-11
169 Isaah Clutch Ware Soldier describes spends time exploring cave Mary H. Gallion Civil War Genealogical 1865-02-13
170 Israel Bush Richardson Future Maj. Gen. writes from Fort Pleasant Fla about capturing Indians Marcella M. Richardson Civil War Seminole Indian Wars 1842-03-22
171 Jacob Comegys Oregon Territory Pioneer writes to Judge about Indian Wars Thomas Nelson Historical 1853-11-01
172 Jacob Helffenstein Slavery riots in New York Margaret Birnie Historical Slavery 1834-08-12
173 Jacob Sharpless Suggestion to brother to leave town due to cholera epidemic Blakely Sharpless Historical 1832-07-23
174 Jacob Webster Jacob writes to his father Thomas Webster for permission to marry Thomas Webster Colonial 1786-06-27
175 Jacob W. Sattles Description of Spotsylvania Battlefield Friend Civil War 1864-05-17
176 James Allen Danforth Business and political letter Allen Danforth Genealogical Historical 1838-07-19
177 James Bowen Everhart Pennsylvania congressman describing a slave auction William Everhart Slavery 1843-08-19
178 James I Wilson Skirmishing on the Atlanta Campaign Friend Albert Civil War 1864-08-06
179 James McIntyre James writes Mother about fighting and socializing with rebel pickets Euseba Stow Civil War 1862-06-15
180 James Norcom Infamous Dr. from Harriet Jacob’s autobiography writes to Secretary of Treasury for job for his son Richard Rush Historical Slavery 1826-08-21
181 James Wall Schureman General Taylor fighting in Matamoros Mary Elizabeth Schureman Mexican War 1846-05-14
182 Jane W Howell Ford Travel letter John Ford Genealogical Historical 1867-05-09
183 Jared Potter Kirtland Naturalists requests specimens from collectors; gives opinion on President Jackson's banking fiasco Edward P. Camp Historical 1834-03-08
184 Jeptha Fowlkes I have just paid $600 for a very superior woman for you Maria J. Ward Fowkles Slavery 1846-08-11
185 Jeremiah Powell Jeremiah Powell loses his home John Cushing Historical 1784-08-10
186 Jeremiah Powell Jeremiah Powell, Patriot of the Revolution, about financial to John Cushing John Cushing Colonial 1780-11-04
187 J. H. Vencill Soldier writing to inform a father of his son's death in prison Gibson Taylor, Esq Civil War 1864-10-16
188 Joel Hotchkiss Family letter to Aunt Elizabeth Webster Genealogical 1780-06-17
189 Joel Sylvanus Wells Family letter about difficulty of farm life in Union Grove, Illinois in 1861 Israel Wells Genealogical 1861-07-20
190 John Ball John Ball writes to Senator Colhoun about idle slaves and failing crops John Ewing Colhoun Historical 1792-07-14
191 John Browne Sherrerd "Slavery is an abominable abomination and I rejoice that I am in it no deeper" Sarah Dutton Sherrerd Blakely Slavery 1849-12-26
192 John Delano Shearman Son writes Mother and family about how New York perceives several union generals Hepsa Hathaway Howland Shearman Civil War Genealogical 1862-07-09
193 John D. Fondren Buying and selling healthy and sick slaves Rainy Slavery 1857-12-04
194 John E. Davids Young attorney's formal letter to future in-laws requesting daughter's hand William Bain Genealogical 1844-05-01
195 John H. Denton Soldier writes to future wife about Shiloh Battlefield Martha A. Cole Civil War 1862-03-15
196 John Henry Miller Woman shot, scalped, set ablaze, then walked to Jacksonville Alexander H. Miller Seminole Indian Wars 1836-09-20
197 John H Frain A letter home to mother from a hospital near Petersburg Eliza Frain Civil War 1864-07-22
198 John H Frain Detailed description of the Battle of the Crater Sister (Frain) Civil War 1864-08-01
199 John H Frain Letter to brother describing artillery fire before Petersburg Walter Frain Civil War 1864-07-30
200 John H Frain Letter from Petersburg to sister Nettie Frain Civil War 1864-07-07
201 John H Frain Letter from the Battle of Chancellorsville Eliza Frain Civil War 1863-05-04
202 John H Frain The Battle of Fredericksburg Mother (Frain) Civil War 1862-12-15
203 John H Frain Description of the battlefield at Antietam Eliza Frain Civil War 1862-09-25
204 John H Frain Letter describing camp life and muddy roads Nettie Frain Civil War 1863-02-01
205 John H Frain Sharing food and utensils with the enemy at Petersburg Nettie Frain Civil War 1864-07-24
206 John H Frain Camp life. Grief of a Sawyer's widow. Eliza Frain Civil War 1863-01-11
207 John Ingersoll Capture of HMS Boxer Nathaniel Ingersoll War of 1812 1813-09-10
208 John Jermaine Surviving a hurricane on a boat in the Great Lakes Alanson Jermaine Historical 1825-12-24
209 John J. Mileham Young man writes future wife about learning of President Lincoln's death Margaret M. Trotter Civil War Historical 1865-04-15
210 John Larne Robinson Political letter John Milton Johnson Genealogical Historical 1844-03-22
211 John Ledyard Grandfather of the famous explorer writes about injuries received during storm Jacob Clerk Historical 1723-04-25
212 John Marion Hooker I do not think it advisable to buy any negroes now until this war question assumes some tangible shape Rainy Slavery 1859-06-25
213 John McAllister, Jr. Father writes to son and business partner as he explores the lands and cities along the Cumberland, Ohio, and Mississippi Rivers William Young McAllister Historical 1838-08-06
214 John M. Lovejoy Soldier writes from Petersburg as an artillery engagement ensues Cynthia Civil War 1864-06-26
215 John M. Lovejoy Details of a bayonet charge at the battle of Spotsylvania Court House Cynthia Civil War 1864-06-27
216 John Morgan Pauling Cleaning mud out of canals David Fullerton Genealogical 1828-03-05
217 John Reep Scarlet fever on the homefront; fear of losing family on the battlefront Amzi Alexander Hawn Civil War Genealogical 1862-11-02
218 John Rogers Vinton Fort Raillee Fla Giving up commission for ministry Mary Atwell Vinton Seminole Indian Wars 1837-09-29
219 John S. Stacy Revolutionary War soldier misses his family and writes of reenlisting Samuel Stone Colonial 1780-03-12
220 John Trout Greble Soldier writes from Fort Simon Drum about scouting and camp life in Seminole War Fred Historical 1856-06-06
221 John Trout Greble Fort Simon Drum Florida Fred Seminole Indian Wars 1856-06-06
222 John (Unknown) Revolutionary War soldier writes from West Point about troop movements Elsworth Colonial 1780-10-16
223 John Warren Letter to son Jimmy Warren Civil War Unknown
224 John Whipple Clark Physician turned investor; met President John Q. Adams Bryant Burwell Genealogical 1828-09-18
225 John W. Parker Great letter describing Calcutta Abigail Parker Genealogical Historical 1828-12-09
226 John W. Tappan Legal letter from nephew to aunt Mary Tappan Currier Genealogical 1834-08-11
227 Jonathan Adams Tidings between families after birth of grandson William Thayer Genealogical 1795-12-18
228 Jonathan Gibson Taylor To Clara from Rock Island Prison Clara Taylor Civil War 1864-07-02
229 Jonathan Gibson Taylor Letter to sisters about Battle at Mount Sterling and being a POW Clara Taylor Civil War 1864-07-26
230 Jonathan Gibson Taylor Letter to little brother about prison and travels prior to imprisonment George Taylor Civil War 1864-09-24
231 Jonathan Gibson Taylor Letter to sister from Prison Sister (Taylor) Civil War 1864-09-05
232 Jonathan Gibson Taylor Soldier's letter from prison to family member mentioning that he is sick Mag Civil War 1864-10-04
233 Jonathan Wheeler Merchant outlining plan to evade President Madison's Proclamation of 1810 on imports William Dall Historical 1811-02-01
234 Joseph Albert Penly Writing to step-father about farm and an emergency surgery Step Father Genealogical 1886-11-24
235 Joseph Albert Penly Soldier documents his enlistment in diary form Eliza Davis Penly Civil War Genealogical 1862-09-25
236 Joseph B Andrews Early boat trip through Great Lakes Rebecca Andrews Historical 1847-08-12
237 Joseph C. Gordon First commercial boat travel down the Allegheny River Jonathan Rhea Gordon Historical 1830-06-01
238 Joseph Cummins Administration of our government is the true source of the evils Joseph Wallace Historical 1840-03-28
239 Joseph Kent Young sailor who will die at sea in months writes home Joseph Kent, Sr. Historical 1791-01-07
240 Joseph Palmer Fessenden Religious letter John Stuart Barrows Genealogical 1819-09-07
241 Joseph Palmer Fessenden Reporting on sickness of Barrow's brother John Stuart Barrows Genealogical 1819-02-15
242 Joseph Perkins Brooks A Whig for William Harrison Thomas C. Johnson Political 1840-07-23
243 Joseph Ripley Chandler Yellow fever epidemic of Philadelphia in 1820 John Cook Historical 1820-09-01
244 Joshua Bell Fry Politician to Politician Thomas Helms Political 1850-12-16
245 Joshua Bell Fry Hurried letter to wife from politician on campaign tour Mary Montgomery Bell Political 1859-05-16
246 Joshua Bell Fry General Scott, Daniel Webster, John Crittenden, and Millard Filmore Mary Montgomery Bell Historical Political 1852-06-24
247 Joshua Bell Fry War in Oregon, Florida's impact on election, Thomas Helms Historical Political 1845-12-30
248 Julia Ann Bourne Kingsbury Julia Bourne Kingsbury writes to her son George about his health George Henry Kingsbury Genealogical 1842-04-18
249 Juliet Western Woman asking a former slave owner for negro help James C. Mulligan Slavery 1865-10-01
250 Katherine Bigelow Sister writes brother overseas. Very prominent family. Andrew Bigelow Historical 1816-11-15
251 Laban H. Shank Letter about soldiers stealing supplies and horses from farms and mistreating slave "wenches" Henry Silas Shank Civil War 1862-11-05
252 Larkin Turner Captain Turner writes to grandfather, Colonel Luke Drury, about voyage Luke Drury Genealogical 1807-09-25
253 Leverett Ward Wessells Desecrating Indian mounds Henry McNeil Seminole Indian Wars 1840-03-20
254 Lide Wheat Young girl writes brother about the frustration of school Almiron Wheat Genealogical 1863-04-16
255 Louisa Davis Minot Description of Charleston and a slave plantation Mary Historical Slavery 1838-02-14
256 Luman Tenney Captain's letter describing the last moments of a son's life at Five Forks William Lewis Civil War 1865-04-15
257 Lydia Clutch Ware Home guard asks citizens to stay on guard Isaah Clutch Ware Civil War Genealogical 1864-04-08
258 Lydia Clutch Ware Returning to family life after war Isaah Clutch Ware Civil War Genealogical 1865-05-17
259 Lydia Clutch Ware Rebels and Yankees as neighbors Isaah Clutch Ware Civil War Genealogical 1864-03-28
260 Malcom McNeill Plantation owner and land investor Malcom McNeill writes to wife about investments, slaves health, and an outbreak of yellow fever Catherine Boddie McNeill Slavery 1855-10-29
261 Malcom McNeill Plantation owner's financial demise as slaves leave Thomas Henry McNeill Slavery 1864-03-06
262 Marcus Tullius Cicero Wing Ohio for Lewis Cass and Free Soil party, but I'm for Taylor David Davis Wing Historical 1848-11-15
263 Margaret Flower Young girl writes about slavery; her memoir written by Lydia Huntley Sigourney Nancy Flower Slavery 1829-10-05
264 Margaret Isabella Reynolds Woman writes about negroes she once owned--now voting; superiority of whites Reuben Reynolds Slavery 1868-04-29
265 Margaret Louise Bowie School girl writes about school and family Walter Bowie, Jr. Genealogical 1847-05-04
266 Margaret Miller Ketchum Mention of sinking of the steamboat 'Lexington' George Youle Historical 1840-01-29
267 Margaret Reynolds Maggie Reynolds writes to her future husband Andrew C. Cowles Andrew Carson Cowles Historical 1869-07-01
268 Margaret Reynolds Letter from Statesville, N. C. about the hanging of Tom Dula (Tom Dooley) Reuben Reynolds Historical 1868-05-01
269 Margaret Tilghman Carroll Asking for help for refractory servants Mr. Sorman Slavery 1813-07-28
270 Marshall P. Wood Detailed fighting at South Mountain and Antietam Julia Hunt Wood Civil War 1862-09-20
271 Marshall P. Wood Marching from Washington D.C. to first battle Julia Hunt Wood Civil War 1862-09-14
272 Marshall P. Wood Detailed fighting during Battle of Spotsylvania Courthouse Julia Hunt Wood Civil War 1864-05-20
273 Martin Jones Burke Fort Hieleman letter about discharge Brig. Gen. Roger Jones Seminole Indian Wars 1836-09-07
274 Mary Adkinson Longwood Moore Civil War widow writes grandson as a soldier of WWI Raymond E. Longwood Civil War Historical 1917-10-22
275 Mary Christopher Van Doorn Couch Woman describes death of her husband Anthony Van Doorn Genealogical 1845-02-24
276 Mary Cornelia Daniel Young daughter writes home to her mother Margaret Baldwin Daniel Genealogical 1817-07-03
277 Mary Cornelia Daniel Young daughter writes home to her mother Margaret Baldwin Daniel Genealogical 1817-07-03
278 Mary R. Patrick Young woman writing friend about life in Leed's Point, N.J. as a school teacher Caroline Williams Genealogical 1850-10-07
279 Mary R. Patrick School teacher writing to sister about teaching, etc, in Mays Landing, N. J. Caroline Williams Genealogical 1850-08-13
280 Mary Wildes Lovell Mary Wildes Lovell writes writes endearing letter to her friend Julia Ann Kingsbury Julia Ann Bourne Kingsbury Genealogical 1852-02-17
281 Mary Wildes Lovell Letter to a friend Julia Ann Bourne Kingsbury Genealogical 1857-10-30
282 Mathias Hutchinson Hutchinson Family Genealogy Thomas Paxson Genealogical 1865-04-22
283 Montgomery Blair Camp Lang Syne, Fla Short note promising letters Elizabeth Blair Historical Seminole Indian Wars 1836-03-20
284 Moses Goodrich Minister writes about Dakota War and Sioux Uprising of 1862 John Goodrich Historical 1864-05-23
285 Nancy Taylor Beach Webster Parents transporting their dead child on steamboats down the Illinois River Elizabeth Beach Genealogical Historical 1834-12-01
286 Nathaniel Silsbee Mass. Congressman writes about lighthouse and Beaumarchais repayment claim Unknown Historical 1812-11-29
287 Naum Haus Apgar Soldier writes To His brother After the Battle of Fredericksburg Andrew B. Apgar Civil War 1862-12-20
288 Naum Haus Apgar Soldier writes home to his father from Washington City John A Apgar Civil War 1862-07-24
289 Nelson C. Green Prison guard writes home to brother from Rock Island Prison Charles Green Civil War 1864-10-04
290 Nelson C. Green Guard at Rock Island Prison writes home about Rebel prisoners, prison life Charles Green Civil War 1864-08-31
291 Ogden Ellery Edwards Home front letter during War of 1812 Henry Edwards Historical War of 1812 1814-09-11
292 Olive Leighton Bourne George Henry Kingsbury's Aunt Olive a letter to cheer him up George Henry Kingsbury Genealogical 1842-03-14
293 Ornan Eastman Nullification Crisis and Worcester v. Georgia William Reed Historical 1833-01-10
294 Patrick Coyle Soldier informs a father of his son's death Gibson Taylor, Esq Civil War 1864-10-06
295 Patrick Henry Thomson Young husband on hunting trip writes home to wife Julia Maria Farnsworth Thomson Genealogical 1840-10-22
296 Peter Hagner 3rd Auditor to Seymour Moses regarding 37th Reg. U S Infantry Seymour Moses Genealogical 1819-07-06
297 Phebe Mann Oakes Daughter writes home to Mother Emily Mann Oakes Genealogical 1836-01-04
298 Philip Littig, Jr. Loss of family, financial Benjamin Johnson Genealogical 1851-03-28
299 Philip Norbourne Barbour Fort Stansbury Fla: Warning Col about letter to Sec of War & his response Ethan Allen Hitchcock Seminole Indian Wars 1842-07-17
300 Phillip I Miller Letter written from the steamboat Menemon Stanford as she is sinking William Taylor Civil War Historical 1862-12-10
301 Rensselaer William Foote Fort Harrison mail lost when Indians killed express rider Charles Augustus Foote Civil War Seminole Indian Wars 1841-05-15
302 Reuben Herbine Letter about the slaughter at the second Battle of Bull Run Brother (Herbine) Civil War 1862-09-03
303 Reuben Herbine Letter to brother from camp near Fredericksburg about camp life Brother (Herbine) Civil War 1862-05-27
304 Reuben Reynolds Brother writes brother about family matters William Sanford Genealogical 1854-05-01
305 Richard Collins Son writes mother from Elmira Prison John Wesley Collins Civil War 1864-09-08
306 Richard Moale Chase Business letter to Randle H. Moale Randle Hulse Moale Genealogical 1824-10-01
307 Richard Moale Chase Letter to Randle Hulse Moale regarding some accounting issues Randle Hulse Moale Genealogical 1823-12-26
308 Richard Moale Chase Ordering tombstone for parents' grave Randle Hulse Moale Historical 1823-12-11
309 Richard Moale Chase Son of Jeremiah Townley Chase writes letter regarding sale of slave woman Randle Hulse Moale Slavery 1826-10-06
310 Robert Collins POW writes home to inform parents of his capture and the death of his brother John Wesley Collins Civil War 1864-05-18
311 Robert Collins POW writes mother from Elmira Prison Frances T. Collins Civil War 1864-09-23
312 Robert G. Vassar Macabre scene of Fair Oaks battleground John Guy Vassar Civil War 1862-06-12
313 Robert M. Lewis President of Canal Company asks for witness in trial Simon Newton Dexter Historical 1830-11-10
314 Robert Reynolds Brother writes brother to borrow money for investing Hugh Reynolds Genealogical 1852-01-03
315 Robert Walker Taylor POW writing his sister about the death of his POW brother Sister (Taylor) Civil War 1864-10-22
316 Robert Wickliffe Slaveholder from Kentucky writes about selling slaves Cornelius Comegys Slavery 1827-09-05
317 Sally B. Norris New mother writes to husband announcing the birth of their son Benjamin Norris Genealogical 1837-01-29
318 Samuel Ayers Bradley Discussion of the Brunswick Convention John Stuart Barrows Genealogical Historical 1816-11-24
319 Samuel Ayers Bradley Author sick offering a partnership with his business to the recipient John Stuart Barrows Genealogical 1818-10-22
320 Samuel Bernard Dick Soldier writes home to his wife Agnes Scott Civil War 1862-09-25
321 Samuel Freeman Headley Man asks that feeble horse be allowed to live life out grazing in his meadow Richard Miller Acton Genealogical 1843-08-05
322 Samuel Graham Cholera epidemic Robert Phares Kirby Historical 1849-07-22
323 Sarah Anne Wood Harwood Sarah Harwood writes husband, the future admiral, aboard frigate “Potomac” to inform of their child’s sickness & death Andrew Allen Harwood Historical 1836-02-13
324 Sarah Maria Dunlap Pioneer life in Michigan Abijah Barnum Dunlap Genealogical 1840-03-04
325 Sarah Marvel Edson Wife and brother-in-law write to husband who is away from home Daniel Edson Genealogical 1821-01-07
326 Sidney C. Anderson Sid describes battle of Hanover Court House; later he was KIA Gaines Mill Thomas P. Anderson Civil War 1862-05-29
327 Silas A. Clarke Young man writes his brother from boarding school David E. Clarke Genealogical 1842-05-07
328 Solomon Sherwood Kimball Cholera epidemic presents dilemma whether to leave the city Rachel Sherwood Kimball Historical 1845-06-04
329 Stephen Hale Stepson writes Mother about Cholera epidemic of 1832 Amelia Wheeler Hale Diseases/epidemics Genealogical 1832-07-17
330 Stephen L. Nichols Soldier writes home about the Battle of Fredericksburg Family (Nichols) Civil War 1862-12-19
331 Stephen Pleasonton Fifth Auditor in the Treasury Department, Stephen Pleasonton writes to Justice Jacob Livingston Sutherland about Liens Jacob Livingston Sutherland Historical 1822-06-24
332 Stevenson Leslie Soldier describes skirmish on Malvern Hill and stealing from the dead Lizzie Leslie Civil War 1862-08-07
333 Susan Hale Susan Hale writes to Myrtilla Miner about John Brown, when Edward Everett Hale will return, and Miss Miner's School Myrtilla Miner Civil War Historical 1860-01-13
334 Susan M. Walker Trafton Love letter to husband Charles T Trafton Genealogical 1849-05-15
335 Sylvester Welch Detailed trip up the Ohio River around Louisville Sarah Stannard Welch Historical 1836-09-09
336 Theodore Longwood Watching incoming shells burst & Petersburg burn from the union rifle pits Rebecca Scott Longwood Civil War 1864-07-29
337 Theodore Longwood General John Hunt Morgan is captured Mary Ann Longwood Stevens Civil War 1863-07-28
338 Thomas Clifford Philadelphia the first day the Stamp Act of 1765 was implemented Harper & Hartshorne Historical 1765-11-01
339 Thomas Effner McNall Effner writes about being in the hospital for sore throat William McNall Civil War 1863-03-24
340 Thomas Effner McNall Description of Battle of Chancellorsville Sibbel Seward McNall Civil War 1863-05-10
341 Thomas Effner McNall Effner writes family and describes his interactions with the rebel pickets and describes the mud march of Gen. Burnside William McNall Civil War 1863-02-01
342 Thomas Franklin, Sr Father promises to care for Samuel Rhoades’ daughter as she prepares to move to NY to marry his son Samuel Rhoades Historical 1763-12-20
343 Thomas Green Son writing to Father about a rift that has developed Dr. John Green Genealogical 1784-09-14
344 Thomas H. Grasty Brother asks brother to assist him in hiring slaves William Grasty Slavery 1848-10-13
345 Thomas Lenington Thorne Fort Gamble Fl: Indians hung 2 negroes to tree & killed by bashing heads; mutilated others Abby Lenington Wolfe Seminole Indian Wars 1841-06-22
346 Thomas P. Conrey Soldier who would die as POW in Andersonville writes his sister Sister (Conrey) Civil War 1863-11-09
347 Thomas Seymour The first Mayor of Hartford, writes about the tied election results between Jefferson and Burr, and the French Treaty Ledyard Seymour Historical 1801
348 Timothy Lindall Repairs after 1760 Salem fire John Osborne Historical 1760-04-28
349 Timothy Pickering Pickering exploring Wyoming County, Pa. for coal resources Tench Coxe Historical 1788-04-23
350 Wait Hotchkiss French and Indian War veteran writes about militia duty in Revolutionary War Thomas Webster Colonial 1773-05-11
351 Wait Hotchkiss French and Indian War soldier describing death of his wife to his father-in-law Thomas Webster Colonial 1776-04-01
352 Walter T. C. Anderson Fears violence between confederate veterans and newly freed African Americans James Alexander Watkins Jackson Historical 1867-08-25
353 Washington Irving Pennymaker Poignant letter where Father arrives too late for dying son; also his views against slavery Mary Ann Pennypacker Civil War 1863-01-03
354 Whitman Chase Sailor writes from Steamer Isaac Smith about hunting down AWOL sailors Mehitable Doane Kelley Chase Civil War 1862-10-26
355 William Barton Hero from American Revolutionary War writes about his life from prison Samuel Brown Barrell Historical 1818-12-09
356 William Beatty Rochester Congressman Rochester writes about Congress and the 1824 election to his uncle Judge Adam Beatty Adam Beatty Historical 1822-02-03
357 William Blair Family letter; town getting ready for war Andrew Blair Civil War Genealogical 1861-05-10
358 William B Stevens Soldier writes as shells burst over him on the battlefield at Spotsylvania Abbie Harriman Civil War 1864-05-08
359 William Clark Frazer Future Territorial Judge Asking for Senator's reference to President Taylor Isaac Dutton Barnard Historical Unknown
360 William Davenport Fort Roger Jones Middle Florida: Death of Soldier Henry Hopkins Sibley Seminole Indian Wars 1839-06-04
361 William Edward Johnston There will be no recognition of the Southern Confederacy by France or England Robert Clark Johnston Civil War Historical 1861-11-12
362 William E. Vanauken Soldier camped in a cemetery in Arlington overlooking the Potomac and Washington Ezra and Elizabeth Vanauken Sawyer Civil War 1862-08-17
363 William E. Vanauken Soldier on the way to fight at Antietam Ezra and Elizabeth Vanauken Sawyer Civil War 1862-09-11
364 William E. Vanauken Soldier in Washington, saw Lincoln Ezra and Elizabeth Vanauken Sawyer Civil War 1862-08-24
365 William E. Vanauken Execution of three deserters by firing squad at Leesburg Ezra and Elizabeth Vanauken Sawyer Civil War 1863-06-20
366 William Gibbons Hiring Daniel Webster to Argue Gibbons v. Ogden Thomas Gibbons Historical 1823-03-01
367 William Gilreath Confederate soldier writes to notify a father of his son's death at Cold Harbor William H. Goodlett Civil War 1864-06-03
368 William Henry Brown Description of army on the move near Poolesville Joseph Brown Civil War 1862-12-30
369 William Henry Brown D. C. preparing for attack. Gen’l Hooker removed. Rebs in Penn. Predicts a great battle soon. John Kittridge Brown Civil War 1863-06-28
370 William Henry Brown Veteran in camp writing to brother and musing over past battles and losses John Kittridge Brown Civil War 1863-09-19
371 William Henry Turner Soldier from 6th Indpt. Battery writes of battles, mud, and generals William Taylor Civil War 1863-03-22
372 William Howes Soldier skirmishing, foraging, 11 days until Gettysburg Elizabeth Wheeler Howes Civil War 1863-06-21
373 William H. Potter Family Letter Calista "Kitty" Potter Genealogical 1861-04-08
374 William James Rukard Norville Racist Anti-Black Reconstruction letter William Thomas Norville Political Reconstruction Era 1866-10-08
375 William Key Bond Ohio Congressman describes his stage coach trip to Columbus, Ohio Lucy Bond Historical 1826-12-10
376 William McKendree Springer Future U. S. Congressman mentions Mason and Slidell Affair Rebecca Rutter Springer Civil War Historical 1861-12-18
377 William Milo Stone Future Governor of Iowa talks to President & others to help general with appointment Elliot Warren Rice Civil War Historical 1863-09-16
378 William Pelham Madison for President Joseph Gale Historical 1812-10-31
379 William Ramsdell Letter home to wife from a sailor Sylvia Coleman Ramsdell Genealogical 1796-05-12
380 William Ransom Vilas Letter to sister describing the execution of Stephen Videto Lucy M. Vilas Historical 1825-08-28
381 William Reuben Nims Early settler's letter to Lexington, Michigan Dr. Reuben Nims Genealogical Historical Unknown
382 William Runcie Mark Twain like travel letter including slave plantation James Runcie Historical Slavery 1846-04-19
383 William Sturgis As son leaves home he writes his Mother about the melancholy they each feel Elizabeth Jackson Sturgis Genealogical 1827-09-04
384 William Vernon Slave trader who built Continental Navy writes early shipping letter Samuel Vernon Historical 1748-04-20
385 William Worthington Haly Business letter to Randle Hulse Moale Randle Hulse Moale Genealogical 1823-03-05