Before his death at Manassas Gap, Freddie writes his little sister Ella


Date Written

Feb. 1, 1863

History Referenced

Frederick Bosworth was 20 years old when this was written.
Frederick Bosworth died 6 months, 14 days after writing it.
It was written 160 years, 1 month, 28 days ago.
It was a Sunday.

Camp Pitcher. February 1, 1863

My Dear Little Sister Ella,

I was very glad to find a little letter from you in the letter from Mother. How could such a little letter hold so many kisses as a bushel? I do not know, but I thank you for them just as much as though you gave them to me yourself. I wish I could see you very much, but you must wait, perhaps a long time yet.

I guess you have more to eat than I do now. For I eat nothing but hard bread and once in a while a few beans and some meat and drink some coffee. How would you like to live so? There is some snow on the ground now, but it is going off fast and the mud is as deep as the snow is at home sometimes so it is hard work to walk without the mud pulling off my boots. The houses the boys live in are little ones that you and Charlie would like to have in the yard but it is cold to live in them in the winter. They are made of logs and little tents, beds are made inside and fireplaces in front. My tent is a big one with a stove in it and a little tent in back to sleep in. But I do not undress myself nor have any sheets nor pillow. I have my coat for a pillow and three blankets over me. Gas would look funny now for we only have candles here and it seems funny to have the ground as a floor and to sit on boxes, eat out of tin plates and cook all my food myself. I look at your picture everyday and think of you often. I hope you will write again and I will answer you. Good bye now. I send you a lot of kisses and much love.

Your brother

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