Boy writes home from Mount Pleasant Institute for Boys



Date Written

May 28, 1855

Hiram Hill was 14 years old when this was written.
The recipient, Otis G. Hill, was 47 when it was received.

It was written 168 years, 3 months, 26 days ago.
It was a Monday.

May 28/53

Dear Farther, I received your letter the 25th wich contain one dollar. I was very glad to hear from home. In the lettar you rote me i found one dollar which I paid for mending my boots. I shall try to make good use of my money, i have tride to do so far.

Thare is a little thing or to that I wish that you would bring me some of when you come over hear, kite, twine, & marbols. Don't think Farther that I think of them all the time for I have had 10 in everything except spelling and composition, 9 becaus I spelt a word rong in abouth & they weren't one that had so menny rides as I did.

henry sead that you sead I lurnt hard. I do but Henry told me to keepe on geting good lessons I mean to this week get 10 in every thing, conduct this week 10. Henry sead if the boys would get good lessons that they would go to the mountains next Saturday. I hope that they will for I never went thare you now (know). I recite my arithmetick to William. he is a very good teacher. my History to Mr. Willson & grammar so that I don't recite to henry at all. All that I have bin over yet I cant write much more to nite.

I feel furst rate as well as I ever was, i think that i improve in my studies first rate. I was very sory to hear of the deaths you spoke of. I went down to my aunts yesterday. She sends you her love to you and all the folks. I think that I am doing rong waring my close (clothes) that you got me, them blue ones I don't ware the pants much but the coat henry playes me when i ware the long taled one. I think though if I had a cheap coat to ware I would ware it but I don't want to ask for enny more close the boys coats ar made my blue coat with large sleavs but you must mak my one just as you thinks best. My hat if you get me one, I wish it mite be like Melvin's the same shap narrow brim. I should like to Melvin write if he can. Tel him that Johney and I have grand times when he comes home from the depo, he would like to have you come over hear and se him he don't have much to do, I have ben with____a fishing once and got a nuf to poot on the tabol.

Mr. Nash sends his love to you. Mother, I will try to obey your good add vice I think that I have so far. Forgive the blunders the bell rings for us to go to bead give my love to all. Tel Johny and Jimmy to rite me a letar. I have riten this very fast so tel Melvin and Lemira to write too. I should like you to come over hear very much don't say that you can't, rite very soon.

From your son
Hiram G. Hill

*Some punctuation and paragraph breaks added to facilitate reading.

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