Brother asks brother to assist him in hiring slaves


Date Written

Oct. 13, 1848

The following was written 175 years, 1 month, 25 days ago.
It was a Friday.

Dear Brother

I saw old Mr. Pollock a few days ago & he says he wishes to hire for the ensuing year some 15 Negro (people as he calls them) from 12 to 18 years of age & I told him that you, Sharshall, & I in all probability could make up the number Now. If you have any such to hire he wishes you to give him a list of them with names ages & Praises.
I would advise you by all means if you have such to let him have them as he will be as kind to them as parents would be to children.
He will only want them to pull mulberry leaves to feed his worms in.
You must write to me Immediately as my word is out to "Pol. to give him an answer in ten days & if I do not do it, he will loose all confidence in me. We are pretty well Except Criste & two youngest children who have the whooping cough & Sart. He is mending however but sloly. Sart, sister & brother Abel send their respects to you & family.
Give my love to your little ones & except for yourself & cous Tish my best-


Thomas A C. Grasty

Oct 13, 1848

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