Brother hails vessel to write letter to brother


Date Written

Aug. 16, 1819

Francis Rufus Bigelow was 13 years old when this was written.
The recipient, Andrew Bigelow, was 24 when it was received.

Francis Rufus Bigelow died 66 years, 10 months, 12 days after writing this.
It was written 204 years, 1 month, 17 days ago.
It was a Monday.

Exeter [Academy]
August 16, 1819, Wednesday

Dear Brother,

Yesterday, as I was down town, as they say here, I saw a sloop laying along side of the warf and it is verry uncommon to see so large a vessel in this town, that it excited my attention, and upon inquiry, I found it was from Eastport. There was a young man on board by the name of Charles Gilman of this town. I asked him if he knew a person that was preaching there by the name of Bigelow. He said that he did, and asked me if I was not his brother for that I looked like him, or you, and he asked me if I did not wish to write you. It immediately occurred to me that I could write to you without it being any expense to anyone.

You and I left Medford about the same time. I have been verry well ever since I have been here. Miss Osgood and Mrs. Clay and her two daughters where [were ] here last week and I received a letter from home at the same time the folks were all verry well then. Sister’s babe grows finely and has been remaining in Medford for some time Papa is very well so I understand. I shall go home in a week from Friday to spend the vacation.

The lion was here last week and I went to see him. John has been to Baltimore lately but has returned again. I am studying Greek minora, and I am verry nigh through Cicero’s Nations. I belong to the Handelian Musical Society here at the Academy.

Jack Dunham died a few days ago and Mr. Pratts’ eldest son, Isaac, died one day as he was returning home on the turnpike (probably intoxicated) for he flout [flew out] of his cart and the wheel pasing over his neck and killed him.

You must excuse the badness of this letter, but I am in a great hurry for fear the vessel will go a way before I have finished this letter. Your affectionate brother,

Andrew Bigelow

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