Brother writes brother about family matters


Date Written

May 1, 1854

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Reuben Reynolds was 41 years old when this was written.
It was written 169 years, 5 months, 2 days ago.
It was a Monday.

May 1, 1854

I received your letter last Saterday week and would have ansered you sooner but we have been buisely engaged in opening goods and are not done yet. We have not received all our goods yet though we have seling all day and opening at night. Mr. Watts made a very large purches and I think a good one. Our carage trimmings is not yet up. We expect them in two weeks. Hugh has comensed making brick and you know he is not at the store. Mr. Watts expects to put another story on his store house this summer and you know that will keep us buisey a few days. I would like to come over and help you a few weeks, But I don’t think that can doe sow. If I find I can, I will wright you again. I believe there is nothing of interest about Statesville. Miss McLean has a fine school this session. She has forty odd scholars and som very pretty ones. You must come over to the examination. I don’t know when it will be but will let you know. Bell has returned home from Edgwort. She has not been well since she had the mumps. She has been troubled with the head acke. I think she will get cleare of that in a few weeks. I would like to spend a few weeks in your town this summer if I could posabely doe sow. Tell Calvin and John that if they have any notion of coming over hear to see any ov the girels they had better come soon for I don’t believe that thare will be a single girel left over sixteen. That is if they have a chance to suit them. Bell says that Saly___ is as pretty as ever and I say that thare is not very many pretty. It is ten o’ clock and Mr. Watts is selling goods whil I am standing at the desk trying to wright and if you can’t read it don’t blame me. Mag sends her love to you Miss Caroline Locke, & J. W. Leckie was married last week. I forgot to say anything about Jim’s boots. Frontis is very buisey molding bricks and this chance for boot making B___

Tell Jim to go ahead and learn fast & and I will attend to the boots for him and anything else that is wright. Tell Sam I want him work like blases to keep the boys all right buisey in the Smith Shop. If I see any chance to come over and help you I will let you know. George Shuford has got a fine stock of leather & if any of the boys in your town or visinety want boots, he is prepared to make them as he wants to work on that kind of work. If any of you should need a few store goods, we can spare some on reasonabell. If you don’t come over some, you will not know Statesville. It is improving so fast, there is a dressmaker coming from Charlestown in a few days and if you should need anything in that line you will know whare to aply. Tell Mr. John C. Foot that I think he had beter take another coone hunt. Give my respects to Mr. Foal and family and the Hamptonville friends. We are all well. Yours as ever,

R. Reynolds

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