Business letter to Randle H. Moale


Date Written

Oct. 1, 1824

The following was written 199 years, 2 days ago.
It was a Friday.

Annapolis 1st October 1824

Dear Randle,

I have received your letter of the 28th with the Water Company's receipt for $50 for which I thank you. The commissioners desired me to say to you, that your drafts are to be paid out of the money now collectible. The funds of 1822 collected in 1823 are appropriated and the collector issued on his bond for the funds of 1823. My advice to you is to send the drafts down through the Bank of Baltimore for collection and give directions to have them presented to the Collector. I should have written to you yesterday by Mr. Donaldson, but could not obtain the necessary information sooner.
Tell your nephew Samuel H. that the Auditor has stated that the account in the case in which he is Trustee and my Father is anxious to have the money applied, as it will lessen interest. You say nothing in your letter about the deeds I wrote for. Your attention will be obliged.
Yours truly,
R M Chase

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