Congressman Rochester writes about Congress and the 1824 election to his uncle Judge Adam Beatty


Date Written

Feb. 3, 1822

William Beatty Rochester was 33 years old when this was written.
The recipient, Adam Beatty, was 44 when it was received.

William Beatty Rochester died 16 years, 4 months, 12 days after writing this.
It was written 201 years, 8 months, ago.
It was a Sunday.

Washington City
3 Feby 1822

My Dear Uncle,

Yr. fav. of 15 ult. Was rec’d yesterday. I had previously directed to you a city paper by way of letting you see that the recollection of you still subsisted on my part and I am [?] flattered to find that I am not wholly forgotten by you. The papers herewith forwarded will inform you where my honoured Father is at present—namely at Albany, New York in the capacity of an assembly man at the advanced age of 72, the sole Rep, of the new county of Monroe; whole seat of Justice was recently located on the spot originally designated by him for that purpose in the village of Rochester, Falls of Genesee.

His family and mine were all well when I last heard from thence which has been within a fortnight. I have become acquainted with Mr. Metcalfe—he & Mr. Trimble both tell me that the right of distributees—will not be taken from my old friend Murphy.

We have been about a week engaged on the apportionment bill—there is little doubt that the ratio will be fixed at 40,000 to a incumber—The discussion of the Bankruptcy Bill will then be resumed. I incline to be in its favor but think it will not pass the H. of Rep. You will observe that the New Yorkers think that the question of the Presidency has been prematurely agitated. I believe the contest will be between Crawford & Calhoun & that New York will support the latter. Penn. is decidedly for him. Mr. Adams is losing ground daily.

I shall bear in mind that you have enjoined upon me to write you frequently. Your letter I have enclosed to my Mother.

Remember me affectionately to your good lady & children and all other friends.

Yours Sincerely,
W. B. Rochester

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