Cousin chatter

Date Written

Sept. 8, 1851

Helen Mary Freeman was 22 years old when this was written.
The recipient, Dandridge Claiborne Freeman, was 23 when it was received.

Helen Mary Freeman died 9 years, 2 months, 25 days after writing this.
It was written 172 years, 25 days ago.
It was a Monday.

Culpeper Co. Virginia
Monday night, Sept. 8, 1851

Cousin Dandridge,

Your interesting letter has long since come to had and you must not think because it was not answered sooner we were not glad to receive it. I [?] we were delighted to hear you were all well and thought you could persuade cousin Claiborne to Virginia this summer and his not coming was quite a disappointment to us all.

Sarah spoke several times of writing before she left home but put it off expecting to hear something more to interest you than she then knew.

I suppose you have returned from Texas and I am in hopes one will take charge of the farm and the other came with your Father to the “Ala Dominion” its nothing prevents but not having some one to attend the plantation we shall certainly look for one or both of you and Cousin Claiborne Father & Uncle Gabriel think if Cousin Claiborne would only come in and recreate himself in the pure atmosphere of Va. It would restore his health again.

There has been little or no change since you were here last summer except weddings though I will not tell you who among your cousins are married for fear it might prevent your coming to Virginia. I will only mention your ole flame Miss Davidson.

It is quite dull now in Culpeper. Bob and May are still visiting Danville, Va. Steptoe is staying with her sister Susan in Orange County. Alonzinon Thomas has gone to farming ten or twenty miles from Uncle Gabriel. Brother Arthur is at [?] Springs where he will remain all the season & Brother Edward is in Alexandria at this time but will soon be at home. His family have not reached Culpeper this summer on account of ill health. Father & Uncle Gabriel are both [?] [?] frequently complements these [?] good looks, etc., etc.

We look at them with much admiration. How is cousin Nancy’s health? We should of like to see him & Cousin Thomas in Va. this fall. So they never speak of visiting their native state again? Tell Cousin George Richard’s [?] quarters slice pass for these ancient [?] & that twenty per cent as considered very comfortable by the Va. speculators.

Father wishes you to say to cousin George Richard that old Cap Philip died about two years ago & that [?] he does not know of anyone who could prove the marriage of Humphrey Sparks had he have known we would have written Immediately.

We get nothing by the late act of Congress. Father has Grand Father Truman’s discharge but owing to some informality in drawing it can never recover anything.

It is only preserved us a revolutionary [?] (it was written at White Plains)

I met with an old friend of yours not long since [?] told me a great many things about the far mist made inquiries in reference to you & the ladies said he thought you would have been on [?] [?] list long before this. Give me a description of a [?] with whom you will please. You can’t guess who it was? He heard of your trip to Virginia and regretted not knowing it in time to contributing his share towards rendering your visit agreeable but hopes yet to see your [?] and hear from all his friends once more as he never expects to [?] these again.

We are at a loss to account for cousin G. R. long silence. My calling you a [?] is [?] you. Did I call him a [?] too. If I did let me know & I will try and mend the [?] I have a brother William. He married a Miss Dudley from the county of Caroline Va. The [?] whom you meant the message is name David Simmons. Father has [?] [?] [?] living. Brother George Franklin went [?] the south and was teaching school, these is now numbered with those who are no more. The rest are all living in Culpeper. (Four more.)

We thank you kindly for the mention of so many relatives these [?] prospects & P O were delighted to hear so much good news is my brag cousin still in California you say he is a longer that is quite a [?] Present our best love to your Father Mother [?] & [?] Father’s kind regards her cousins Claiborne & George Your Uncles James & Thomas. Tell Your Mother we will take [?] care of your Father. My sheet is full and I must close. I am your attached cousin,

Helen Mary Freeman

Sarah request me to say to you that she thought some of your ere she be my cousin or she would have answered the letter & tell so much more than she could visited that is her excuse. I find my paper almost gone lay aside your business and drop us a line then so if you are not enjoyed company practical if [?] he about the land of the [???] and face I was only [??] I called you so & hear it at the time.

Read this and consign it to the flames for my pens sake.

You have let Miss Susan Wingate one of the splendid housekeepers get married before you. Before you hear [?] Daniel says he has not selected him a [?] uncle [???] for him.

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