Democrat in Whiggish country

Date Written

July 20, 1846

Abraham Bercaw was 45 years old when this was written.
The recipient, Alfred Peck Edgerton, was 33 when it was received.

Abraham Bercaw died 18 years, 1 month, 7 days after writing this.
It was written 177 years, 2 months, 3 days ago.
It was a Monday.

Lost Creek, Miami County, Ohio
July 20, ‘46

Friend Edgerton,

I was in your region of [the] country a short time since. I did not happen in the vicinity of your village. After I returned to Defiance on my way home, I understood there was a letter in your office for me, whether it is so I am a loss to know. I presumed, however, if so, you would have forwarded it. If there should be one you will please forward it to me at Lost Creek, Miami, O. Your compliance will oblige me.

I have nothing special to write at present. Politics in our country, you know, is of a Whiggish caste, but we (or they) are succeeding in making democrats rapidly. I believe our prospects at this coming election in the face are flattering. Mr. Bibb [George M. Bibb] the Sprained Nag is to spout a little in our country the 24th, he will not have much effect. I was much pleased with the position you took last winter—let me hear from you etc.

We are all in good health hoping you all enjoy the same. Yours in the Bonds of Democracy,

A. Bercaw

A. P. Edgerton

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