Effner writes about being in the hospital for sore throat


Date Written

March 24, 1863

Thomas Effner McNall was 21 years old when this was written.
The recipient, William McNall, was 57 when it was received.

Thomas Effner McNall died 6 months, 17 days after writing this.
It was written 160 years, 6 months, 9 days ago.
It was a Tuesday.

March 24th/1863
Camp near Hopes Landing

Dear parents and sisters,

I have waited some time since I wrote last and have rec’d no answer to it yet but I will not wait for that but will write a few lines. I am feeling better today than I have for a few days past. I am sorry to say that I am in the hospital this morning but are in hopes I will not have to stay long. I have had what you mint (sic) call a pretty sore throat but it feels a good deal better to day.

Last Saturday we went up on picket again. Well it was snowing when we started then it turned into rain and was very wet. Well when we got to where we were going to picket we stopped. I was in the reserve that night so we scraped away the snow and built us a good fire but the ground was so wet that I caught cold for when I got up the next morning my throat felt a little sore but I did not mind any thing about it for I thought it was nothing more than I had had before. I eat a little breakfast and from that time it kept growing worse and finally about ten o’clock it got so I could hardly speak or swallow so I told the Lieut. I would have to come in the camp so he sent Tim Lean in with me. We came past the 15th so I stopped to see Dr. Vanerman. He looked at my throat and thought I was going to have the Diphtheria. I never suffered so much as I did coming in riding a horseback eight miles. I could not speak aloud to save my life. Old Dr. give me something to gargle that made me feel a little better for a little while. When I got to camp I came over to see the Dr. and he kept me here. He gave me tincture of Iron and swabbed my throat out with something but I had a pretty tough night and the next morning it felt better and to day I feel a good dal better and I don’t think they will keep me here long this time so you must not worry about me for I shall soon be all right again. The Dr. of the 8th Pa was here this morning. He said I would be all right in a few days. The Capt. Has been in to see me since I have been writing. He said he was in [?] I would be back to the company soon. He is a good fellow.

Stiles and John Grinnell start home this morning on a furlough. Stiles is coming to Franklinville before he comes back and I wish you would send some butter and sugar to me by him if you can. I never got those things that were sent in that big box and never expect to and I would be very glad to have a little of home butter and sugar also I wish you would send a silk pocket handkerchief to wipe my nose with and I will try to repay you some time. Our Colonel tells us we will be at home by next new years. He thinks that this will be closed in three months but I guess he don’t know everything.

I am somewhat tired so will not write any more this time. Write soon so you receive this from your son and brother.


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