Eliza and Elijah Cushing write of their boat and stage travels in 1835


Date Written

May 29, 1835

Eliza Cushing was 33 years old when this was written.
The recipient, Theodore Cobb, was 31 when it was received.

Eliza Cushing died 44 years, 11 months, 6 days after writing this.
It was written 188 years, 4 months, 4 days ago.
It was a Friday.

Gardiner May 29, 1835
My dear friends,

According to promise I have seated myself to give you some account of our journey thus far. We had a very pleasant ride up to Milton, found all our friends well, and happy. Next morning at 9 o'clock started for Boston. Went down to the boat to secure our passage, rode around to see the ruins of the fire, and up to Ezekiel Dyer's to let Mother know when to go on board, then back to the Washington Coffee House, where I stayed while Elijah had all things put on board the boat, between 4 and 5 we went down. Mother came just in time, and at 5 o'clock we started from the wharf.

We had a very pleasant sail, kept up on deck till almost dark when Mother beginning to grow sick. We went below, found nearly all the ladies sick, and in a few minutes I was as bad as any of them, we went to bed and were soon rocked to sleep, had a pretty good nights rest.

Awoke in the morning expecting we were in Portland. Went up on deck and found that we were eleven miles out, and so thick a fog we were making but slow progress. I found that I could not stay in the cabin without being sick, nor on deck without being wet through with the mist, so I got into the chaise and had a very comfortable time.

At about seven we arrived in Portland had breakfast on board the boat. We then got into a hack and went to the Elm Tavern, found a stage wanting for passengers which could take me to Gardiner. Elijah put me under the care of Mr. Rust of East Bridgewater. We dined in Lisbon, and arrived at Gardiner 5. Found Lucy much better than I expected to, she is weak but her cough is much better, her appetite is pretty good, and she is gaining strength. I think warm weather will recruit her. Mother and Elijah were obliged to stay in Portland till eleven waiting for the tide to be right to get the horse out of the boat. They then came on as far Bowdoinham and spent the night, got here today at noon. Mother stood her journey remarkably well, is very bright, and happy to find Lucy so much better than she expected she should.

We are to start for Camden tomorrow. I have enjoyed my journey very much indeed, feel better than when I left home. Lucy sends a great deal of love to you all, is very much obliged to you all for forwarding my coming. I want to see George but don't worry about it knowing he is in safe homes, neither do I trouble myself about household affairs knowing who is at the head of the castle. Elijah says I must go with him to Indian Old Town if Kitty will, (& he thinks she will) and he left them while he and Nat goes into the woods but this is uncertain at any rate. I am determined to take all the comfort in my power let me be when I may.

Shall write again before our return and shall hope to hear from home often whether anything remarkable occurs or not. Give my love to Mother & all friends assuring them that their unceasing kindness toward me & mine has taken strong hold of my gratitude and stained my memory indelibly.

In haste
Eliza Cushing

(Brother Theodore) I could find no steel in Boston of the kind & size we want. Mr. Lewis promised to write immediately when his arrived.

Yours truly Elijah Cushing

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