Family letter



Date Written

April 6, 1863

The following was written 160 years, 8 months, 2 days ago.
It was a Monday.

Sidney, April 6, 1863

Dear brother,

Almiron, this is Sabbath afternoon, a verry pleasant one but rather cold today. We rec’d two letters from you, one dated the 17th, the other the 21st & I assure you they were thankfully rec’d. We are well as usual. I am quite well thus far, do not have the rumetism any to speak of, for which I am verry thankful.

We have been to church today, had a full house. Oscar’s folks were there. Will went to Walton to attend the funeral services of Caleb Seymans Benedict that died out of the 144th; he was brother to Ed; you know I think.

Will is not in any hurry for that money. Mate Paris is going into a millionars shop at Unadilla to spend the summer. Sue Smith is going to Miss Northways to learn the trade so I think our country girls are bound to learn something. Old spot had a calf today & that little white faced heffer had one a week ago. They are going to let her nurse the calf a few weeks and have it for veal if it is not larger than the cow calf. We have not made a tub of butter yet, for in fact, we have not had but a little milk. But the prospect is that we will have more soon. Our folks have drawd 16__of hay from Bogey’s (Bogie’s) at $10 a ton and have bought half a ton of Goodrich for $12 a ton. They have not drawn that yet, but will soon have much more. They will need; will depend upon the weather. There is but a few but have to buy hay except those who have it to sell. Pa has to borrow money as we have sold no butter nor anything. Also it would come good if you could send a little if it was not makeing you to much trouble. We might sell the yearlins. I guess Oscar would give 80 a piece for them but he won’t get them (the best ones he would give that for) if I can prevent it. That’s so if you can get away. I don’t want you to stay there but if you can’t, why of course, you will have to make the best of it & I will have to do the same. But it seems if you were here we could fix up syrips for you that would help you. We have got two geese setting & I guess we shall set another and one then is setting yesterday. I swept the dooryard real slick with my bloomers and old coat on, but I would not run in for any of them, not I. George has ploughed that piece by the woods & is breaking up a piece in the old house lot. Pa has cut some happoles. He thinks he will not kneed many, but I think when he comes to get to work at them, he will find that there is more than he thinks of. I hope he will.

The grass is looking quite green. The young cattle get about their fill without feeding. They have gatherd the ____from the sap bush so our sugar weather is done with us. At least we made in all about 385 lbs. I think it will be enough to last us counting what we have sold.

I have got me a pair of Bellmerell shoes, cost $1.75. They are real nice. Ma has got a new shaker, that’s all we have got new of any consequence. I suppose we still have to have our bonnets fixed up, Ma and me, but I guess it won’t cost much. I shall I think have my white one fixed & Ma a _____one. Louise gave her some trimming. I have made George an _____vest of which he is quite proud. He wore it to Church today. I have made that great barrel full of soap. Real nice it is too. I think I have beat my neighbors. Oscar is not going to take Will’s farm. He has hired Isac Fitch. I got a letter from Horrace Bolt today. He is at Deposit teaching music. He has sued Wheel Davis at that place the 30th of this month. He wished George to come down as a witness but he won’t go. I am engaged to sew to Chamberless the middle of next month. I do not know how long for. I am willing to stay quite a while if ____is home. I can leave verry well after I get the house cleaned. I kinder dread cleaning house without Louise as he almost always helped me. The Elder called here a while one day last week. I think it queer you do not get the Examiner the Elder sends you.

There is a shall (possibly shawl) a nice one to(o). The village I meant to get for Mother worth 7 dollars. Do you think we had better get it. It is just such a one as she wants. You know she used to wear___’s silk one when she was home, but of course she took it with her. What do you think about it? You were___to know if I could read your writing; easily we can. I think you write verry plain & you can inform to. I think you write real good letters just as if you were talking. Ma went visiting to Jimmies &____last Tuesday. Staid all day & I visited with Ma to Henry’s. See the new girl. She seems to be a quite a pretty girl, but quite still. I am afraid Homer will not enjoy her society verry much. She is so still. Mrs. Rider was buried last Monday. She had been sick some time. Capt. Roe’s little boy died last Friday night with the cramp. He was sick but a short time. Lide has been writing to you but won’t let me read it. I guess I won’t close this now for I may think of something more before I send it.

Monday afternoon 3 o’clock
Pa will go down to the _____this___. I can send this so I can finish it. This is a beautiful day. Pa and George have been after hay_____Goodrich. They got fifteen hundred and 50 lbs. at 10 dollars a ton & can get more if they need it. Leide & I have done a large washing & cleaned my bedroom & washed the pans from the sap bush & done lots of things to numerous to mention. Ma at this _____minute is mixing____bread. Leide is cleaning up while I am writing to you & amongst all the rest, our clothes come from Rockwell’s _____here he fetched it, so much for my writing to him. I knew when I commenced a correspondence with him the___will take another bit of paper to finish this.


Well there was 7 1/2 yards _____ and 10 yds. Of broadcloth & I tell you it is just so nice a piece of cloth as I have seen in a long time. I am real glad they have got it. I guess I shall write to ____and see if I cannot hurry her up a little about writeing. I have not had but one letter from her since she has been over there. I think she is _________-that’s so they have got the cabbage_____sewed and the garden manured & I guess they will plough it soon. We are going to have some ____roots from Mr. Fisher’s that large kind, you know the Sunday School went off verry good yesterday. I think Ed will do well if we encourage him, but I can think of nothing more this time, but will write again soon. Write often–this from your affectionate sister.


We have got 5 or 6 lambs and nice little fellow they are too.

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