Family letter


Date Written

Aug. 9, 1838

The following was written 185 years, 1 month, 24 days ago.
It was a Thursday.

New York, Aug’t 9, 1838

Dear Sister,

I have just received a line from you which, although it astonished me at the same time, afforded great delight not only to me but to your sister Betty & also your nieces–we had not expected to hear that your health was recovered–we had thought you would soon be taken from among the land of the living–But Providence in his own ____way does all things well, & we are thankful that through his direction you still remain with your friends–Our health is tolerably good though Betty’s seems rather delicate–to improve it however she has concluded to make you a visit and proposes to come on the 20th inst.–one week from next Monday–with all her family, myself excepted–tell Father not to be alarmed. I fear he will have no other grandchildren than mine unless Brooks marries soon & hence he must be to be troubled with mine for a time--& I wish him on the 20th of this month to meet the Norwalk stage at Danbury & take my family to Brookfield–if his wagon will not contain them, he has an ox cart those I suppose this would not suit the girls exactly–When they return, I shall probably come to Brookfield myself on Saturday previous & return with them on Monday following. But depend upon I shall be pleased to look on the hills of Brookfield once more & walk over the farm of my Father–in the meantime remember me in love to my parents, brother and sisters & ____sincerely

D. B. Taylor

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