First commercial boat travel down the Allegheny River

Date Written

June 1, 1830

Joseph C. Gordon was 35 years old when this was written.
The recipient, Jonathan Rhea Gordon, was 45 when it was received.

It was written 193 years, 3 months, 22 days ago.
It was a Tuesday.

Irvine, Warren County, Pennsylvania

Dear brother I have this opportunity of letting you hear from us we are all well, I intended of sending with Garret a power for you to transact enny business for me which is necessary but I’ve neglected having it ready, but that need not make enny [?] in respect for your acting for me. I will send it perhaps by the next mail and prable [probably] it will get to you before these lines, as soon as you receive it, I wish you will as soon as you get it let me hear from you and let me know how you come on with father’s business and how everything is going on.

We have had the pleasure of seeing a steamboat up this river which is the first attempt. She is a boat of forty tones [tons], she has maid three trips from Pittsburg to Warren and one to Olyann [Olean?] which is near the head of the Allegheny River. Eighty miles above Warren the boat runs by our house so near we could throw enny thing on their decks or within too [two] rods of the bank.

There is too [two] other boats building in Pittsburg from to run from there to Warren and there are a canal construction to lead from Buffalo and to intersect this river when that is complete. A person can travel from this place to New York for about eight dollars, then we will have water communication from N.Y. to New Orleans. The expense now from hear to N. Orleans down the river is about twenty-five dollars.

We have discovered in this country potters clay similar to morgan’s clay. I am of the opinion a person who understood the business could soon make a fortune with a small capital for I have ascertained the ware is of good demmand to the south and it would be all water communication and the is not know here it can be had for a mear trifle and wood as cheep. We have put up one hundred and 77 wood pahnels of post for the doctor or our place. We have planted 20 acres in corn, 10 or 12 in oats, and our wheat looks well also we hav 30 acres of grass. When I wright to you again, I will let you know more particular about our affairs.

Mary and the children all join in love with me to you and sister and your children. Remember us to them and all enquiring friends. From your brother whose well wishes is upon you and your family. Respectfully yours,

Jos. C. Gordon

Mr. J. R. Gordon [Jonathan Rhea Gordon]

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