Future Territorial Judge Asking for Senator's reference to President Taylor

Date Written


February 25th 1829

Dear Sir,

I have made through my friends Buchanan, and M[?], of the Senate an application, for a Judgeship in the New Territory of Huron. May I have the pleasure to presume on your friendship and goodness so far as to solicit your kind interference with the President on my behalf. I do assure you, as a gentleman, my deportment both as a man, and as a Judge, shall be such, as never to excite in your bosom, one uneasy sensation, by reason, of your interesting yourself for me, in this instance will you be so good, as to endeavor, to get the Bill, through your House the present Session. Your kindness, in meeting my request, will be most gratefully remembered by your Sincere Friend,

William C. Frazer

P.S. You may show this to Mr. M[?]

Honbl I. D. Barnard

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