Gabriel writes of his take on the politics of the time



Date Written

Aug. 8, 1814

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Gabriel Allen was 65 years old when this was written.
The recipient, William Barton, was 66 when it was received.

Gabriel Allen died 9 years, 7 months, 26 days after writing this.
It was written 208 years, 7 months, 23 days ago.
It was a Monday.

Providence, Aug. 8, 1814

Dear Sir,

Your favour of 31 ult. is just rec’d. I thank God that your strength & integrity still holds out. To bear testimony against the wickedness of the times—not withstanding all their arts & money by where the eastern governors have obtained their power in these eastern states. They have fell short of gaining the presidency, tho’ joining their votes with N. York for Republican Clinton! And it is further known that had they let up one of their own kidney that state would have gone for Madison, also—frustrated in this intrigue they have now beguiled with the enemy to assist them in overturning our free government. They say Britain is not at war with the American people, but with the government. See the sophistry—who made the government, or the President but the people—(for in this country), we have nobody but the people. Yes, the President was elected by the people & a very large majority. Therefore, the war is continued against the people & compel them to receive a government which they detest—When these scoundrels were in power before, in the reign of terror, could they have prevailed on Adams to throw the bold stroke, or, had they got Burr into the chair, we should have seen no more of our free government. What I have asserted, two years ago appears more evident every day—that we should have to fight the combined force of the Tories & the British to maintain our independence. I am happy to learn the Chancery had sailed & that the peace is made with the western Indians—how long they will hold to their word remains to be seen, at any rate they should be watched.

We begin to awake from the long nap we have taken in the arms of Morfeus and have determined to own two Republicans for representatives to Congress & it appears to me there is a prospect of succeeding. N. R. Knight is one, the other I cannot name yet. For news I must again refer you to the News Prints. Friends are all well. In haste you, yours, etc.

G. Allen

Gen’l Wm. Burton

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