Guard at Rock Island Prison writes home about Rebel prisoners, prison life


Date Written

Aug. 31, 1864

History Referenced

Nelson C. Green was 20 years old when this was written.
The recipient, Charles Green, was 13 when it was received.

Nelson C. Green died 42 years, 4 months, 1 day after writing this.
It was written 159 years, 23 days ago.
It was a Wednesday.

Rock Island Ill.
August 31/64


I received your letter last night. It found me well and hearty for I had just been across the river to Iowa to see the Indians and after I seen them we went out through country just for to see what it looked like in Iowa. It looked fine for the corn is larger than what we have at hope and it is ripe and I seen several fields where they had begun for to cut it so you see it gets ripe out here before it does in Del County and another thing is that is a good bit cooler out here than it is at home.

Well Charley, I am sitting along side of the guard house writing this for I am on guard today and have to stay near to the guard house all the time when I am not on post and we have for to have our guns loaded in case the rebs should try for to get away. They do not often try for they generally get shot when they do try. I believe that there has but one got away since we have been here and he got dressed in soldier clothes somehow an other so that we did not know him.

Well Charley, you must not let those pigs tramp you anymore or else you will not be able to attend to them again. Well Charley I got two more letters last night but I haven’t time to answer them now. One was from Lydia and the other was from Moses Williams. Tell Lydia I will answer her as soon as I can.

Well I must quit for it is time to go on guard.

N. C. Green

To Charles Green, Esq.

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