I am very proud of my brother

Date Written

Nov. 20, 1864

Member of Series

Ellen Nellie Penly was 25 years old when this was written.
The recipient, Joseph Albert Penly, was 23 when it was received.

It was written 158 years, 4 months, 11 days ago.
It was a Sunday.

Sunday evening
November the 24th

Dear Bully Boy,

How do you do today? You darling young one How I want to see you today. If we could have you here to stay I don’t know but we should bite you all up into mince meat. We want you to come home but enough but can’t bare the thought of you here just to go back to stay such a long time but I suppose you knew best for you are out there and I am not. I had a letter from Charlie last week. He was expecting to leave Augusta for the front every day. He has got a long time of it yet but I hope he will come through all right. I have been up home this fall. Father has been sick but [?] Don’t you think you can get a furlough This winters without reenlisting. I wish you could. I hope you will get a good Thanksgiving for the North is sending lots of goods [?] and ere another Thanksgiving you will all be at home. Be a good boy and write to your Aunt Annie when you can.

Dear Brother,

I will say how do you do today and how is your courage; good for another nine months more, mine is pretty good for I think the war is most over with and when you all come back to old Maine, we will have grand times. I heard from home last week. They were all well and there was no news only Don run back broke up housekeeping and then run back to Canada. Clara and the two youngest are going to stay at Gransires and Fred and Frank to our house.

I should like very much to see you today for I want to see how you look. I am very proud of my brother for I hear he is a smart man and one that can be depended upon and means just what he says and that is what makes me proud of you. Write soon and tell me all the news. No more today from your loving sister.


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