I have just paid $600 for a very superior woman for you

Date Written

Aug. 11, 1846

Jeptha Fowlkes was 38 years old when this was written.
Jeptha Fowlkes died 17 years, 4 months, 22 days after writing it.
It was written 177 years, 1 month, 24 days ago.
It was a Tuesday.

Friday Night
Memphis, Tennessee
Aug 11, 1846

My Dearest & best Maria!

I am disappointed in not hearing from you tonight; I look with much certainty for letters from you and whenever you do not visit me by your letters, I feel disappointed. You have an idea of the enjoyment I feel on reading your letters: they give me spirit of the writer; I seem to inhale the very “des spirit” of your dear self and the communion of the devout & holy Christian with God though the sentiment of the Lord’s Supper is not more delightful & edifying & strengthening to the pious worshiper than the communion I hold with my own dear Maria—My own self, my better half by letters. Faith in her purity, faith in her devotion to me; faith in her every word, look & act! By faith I now espy the dearest, inward emotions of her bosom this night, by faith---

Thursday night 13/46. I have been disappointed in not hearing this night especially from you. I have stood on tiptoe of high expectation! But I have nothing apt! I fear you are sick—yet I cannot in reason fear it, because you would have me written to, then I must attribute it to inconvenience of sending [?] P. Office.

I do not yet know when I can come up. I have the prospect of selling two pieces of real estate at some Co. to 24000 Dols. and it is so important to me to do so, that, I must not go off so as to loose [sic] this prospect. Our future comfort & happiness depends upon it. And dear, excellent beloved wife, you must do me the [?] of believing, that, nothing short of the most imperious necessity could keep me for, one hour, from you! You grow dearer & dearer; and still move more dear to my heart! Would, that, your eye here now at my heart inmost emotions--discerning how tender & devoted [?] every throb for you! But enough of professions—I shall lose no time to see you—yet I can’t exactly say when I shall be up—as soon as duty will allow.

I have just paid $600 for a very superior woman for you—22 years old—and said to be extraordinary—I did not come abt. her pur. now but it so rarely happens that such can be had, that I have bought her for you. You will be pleased with her.

It is hot & healthy—dull & lifeless about Tenn. Our children well--& all of our friends: except Aunt Sally—She is quite sick. All the negroes—especially Jim and Celia send rich love to you & the children—Kiss the boys for Father--& believe him devotedly your fond husband.

Very tenderly yours,
J. Fowkles

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