Jeremiah Powell, Patriot of the Revolution, about financial to John Cushing


Date Written

Nov. 4, 1780

History Referenced

Jeremiah Powell was 60 years old when this was written.
The recipient, John Cushing, was 58 when it was received.

Jeremiah Powell died 3 years, 9 months, 28 days after writing this.
It was written 242 years, 10 months, 29 days ago.
It was a Saturday.

Boston November 24, 1780

I wrote you by Capt. Lykes about 12 days agoe which I hope you have rec'd & found you & all well, I wrote you so fully in that about the money you was by yr (your) Bond to have paid me the 8th day of last July now the 24th of November.

Gen. sir you can not be sensible of the Damage I have sustained by your failing making the payment according to promise-- I am sure I shall suffer more then the value of one half the debt depending on your word & Bond.

I did not look out any other way to get money. My situation is very distressing not one shilling of money, but what I have borrowed till I can not borrow one shilling more & have lost securing a house to live in till the House over is sold over my head & know not were to get one. Could have secured it for a number of years to come if had the money in season & have nothing to eat or drink the winter now seting in & naked, & my family lost the chance of sending to France for clothing not to be bought here without giving four times what I could had it brought from France. Captain of vessel offering to purchase for me without freight or charge of buying. You have really almost ruined me. I have heard that you was sometime agoe at your old house. I waiting to see you which with other things hindered me from goeing on to take care of my things & collecting some of my debts in cash, Butter, chease, and other things. on the whole I pray you would without any delay take up yr (your) first bond and make provisions for yr (your) other bond at the time it becomes due. It is a pity you involved me by making the purchase without assurance of yr (your) being able to make your payments. Col. Bagley told me when he was up here 2 or 3 months agoe he expected you in Boston every day, I have wrote you sundry times on the subject but have never been favored with one line--this by Mr. Lewis with the news paper for the reading by those who incline so todoe (to do),he can tell you all the news to whom I refer you. Please to give my love to yr (your) lady & all friends and accept the same from you humbl serv't,
John Cushing, Esq.

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