Julia Bourne Kingsbury writes to her son George about his health

Date Written

April 18, 1842

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The recipient, George Henry Kingsbury, was 15 when this was received.
The following was written 181 years, 5 months, 5 days ago.
It was a Monday.

April 18th 1842

My dear George Henry,

That you may not again be disappointed, I have sent you a little cake to stay your stomach for a day or two, but it is so little it will not last you long. I would have sent more, but I fear now Mr. Dane will think me intruding on his kindness—by sending what I have. I fear it will not be very nice as I have made it in very great haste this morning.

I went over to the Doct last night & got your letter to your Aunt Olive who has been in Saco these ten days past. She will probably be at home in a day or two. I’m glad to hear that you have seen some of you Topsham friends as I think it will be very pleasant for you to go over and see them now & then. How glad you must have been to see Robin L. & William Titcomb. I am gratified too that your health is so good, but I hope you will be very careful of yourself especially when you go out evenings—don’t neglect to tie up your mouth. How is your appetite? Is [it] pretty good since your sickness? Your Father wrote you a week or two since enclosing some money, which I suppose you have received, your appetite is always good for that, I believe, is not it? I have not time to tell you any news, neither do I think of any out present—but I suppose you can get all the information you wish from Joseph Dane. Give my love to Miss Palmer & respects to Mr. Bradbury & all enquiring friends.

Mother Kingsbury

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