Letter from one brother to another about breeding horses


Date Written

June 23, 1821

Anthony Theunis Dey was 44 years old when this was written.
The recipient, Pierson Dey, was 41 when it was received.

Anthony Theunis Dey died 48 years, 3 months, 16 days after writing this.
It was written 202 years, 3 months, 10 days ago.
It was a Saturday.

New York
23rd June 1821

Dr. Pierson,

Yours of the 6th June never reached me to the 16 June—on which day I wrote to Mother to remove any anxiety on her mind respecting Richard & I hope she has rec’d my letter.

I regret to hear so sad an account about the colts. I was however much afraid that the journey would be too much for them. If the colt at Peter Neafries is able to travel to you, I wish the next spring or indeed as soon as she will take the horse to put her to breeding—and you may breed from Tour Grey Sailor in preference to any other. The same observation I make about my Rodin mare colt out of Kate. And if among you, you have enough to breed from & you can find anyone in the neighborhood that will take them on shares & give me every other colt at 3 years old, you may put them out.

I am not afraid of either Fanny’s or Kate’s Colt it is one of the evidences of a good blood horse, that it is small at first & Kate’s Colts have uniformly appeared but very indifferent at first. As to her last Colt the brown mare, I will keep for my own use & the first Colt will I judge make me an excellent substitute for my horse Larry who is pretty much worn down.

I hope both Fanny & Kate have been put to your horse –Sailor—and I recommended you not to part with him for some years, if he has any reputation, but put him out to some to some careful man every season upon some reasonable shares—he is a good stock & I think will improve on your hands—let the Commodore next year try 6 or 8 mares of the largest size you can find, in order to see what his stocks may be before you alter him. I should think Kate & your old mare would be two very good ones.

As to Peacock cow, let her go to the very best bull in your country of the Potter Breed. You will find her ultimately a find stock of cattle & the very best for oxen as travelers on the road.

My family are all well and have removed to Newark for the summer. Make my respects to all enquiring friends. In haste. Yours,

A. Dey

W. P. Dey

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