Letter from Petersburg to sister



Date Written

July 7, 1864

The following was written 159 years, 2 months, 26 days ago.
It was a Thursday.

Before Petersburg Va.
July 7th, 1864

Dear sister,

I received your letter of June 27th this morning and was glad to hear from you as I have not heard from you before for about two weeks. As for news, I have none of any importance. We lay at the same place that we did when I wrote last. Our Regt. Are engaged now in building a fort about evry man works the most of the time. I do not have to go out. The weather is intensely hot here now, almost impossible to live. My health is about the same as it was when I wrote last. The warm weather affects my appetite so I cannot eat any thing and I fell away very fast but I will get over it as it gets a little cooler. The sweat is running all over me so I will have to quit and I cannot sit up a great while at a time.

Your brother,
J. H. Frain


Dear sister,

We received your letter last night and we were glad to here that you got there but you didint tell us how you liked. Faster has an ofal sore hand. We have had two lettes from John since you have been gone. Farther has tried all round for to borrow a watch but can't find one. He says if you can't get one up here, he will buy one for you as soon as he can. You didn't tell anything about the folks and where you borded. We hant had a chance to send and get a paper for farther has been sick ever since you have been gone and Thomas has gone home. We are all alone.

W. M. Frain

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