Letter from William Vanauken's sisters and brother-in-law

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Oct. 25, 1863

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The following was written 159 years, 11 months, 8 days ago.
It was a Sunday.

Breesport Oct 25/63

Brother Bill, I got 2 letters from you this weak they found us well and I was glad to here from you and to here that you are well and enjoying your self. I can’t rite as often as I would like to for I hafto work all day and then sometimes I have some chores to do and the babes to tend or they will rase such a…there would be no living with them. I got an account of the battle on the Rapahanock our men come out victories. I see is the last weaks Gazette a call for three hundred thousand men to be rased by Volunteers or as the governors of different states see fit to rase them and to credit each state with all the over plus men. I think that we have enoughf to fill that call all reddy in the field. I shall hafto stop and doo my chores and eat my supper.

All rite now 7 o’clock in the evening. Chloe has come back and now I will try and go on with this. I shall kill my hog day after tomorrow if nothing happens. I have a good hog. We had a republican meeting here the other night. I did not believe all he said. He talked as if there was no union men only the republicans but I say there is good union men in the Democrat Party as there is in the Repub. I no lots of Democrats that will vote a union ticket but it will all go in as republican. I am in favor of the union as it was. I will stop and let the girls finish. I remain as ever

E. O. Sawyer

Dear brother as E. O. has been writing I will try and scrach a few lines to you. We have on drest the children for bed and they are caporing around the flore. Ez is a reading and Chloe sets by the stove. It is a cold night the moon shines vary plesant but winter is fast approaching. Our fall is half gon and if winter would come and bring my friends from the battle field or close this war prosperous I would be a happy mortal.

Dear brother how I wish this cruel war was over and this once prosperous and happy country was and…all pease and haromy as it was once but I fear that will not be till our country is ruined but I hope we will live to see each other yet if it was not for that little word hope we wold be miserable creatures. Rachel got a letter from you and one from frank. She and the children are as well as usual. The children has all got the hooping coff this fall and I was some afraid that the babe had got it but she has not. Ned Carpenter was to Rachel’s this afternoon. This is all this time. Write soon from your affectionate sister.

E Sawyer
Give my love to frank and keep a share for yourself.

Well dear brother lib and ez has told you all of the news but I thought I wood say a word or to. I am to libs yet I guess I shal stay a week or to yet. Today I had ben a riting to ed. It is going on three weeks since I have had a leter from ed and I fell worried a bout him. I wood like to see you and frank to night so good nite. Write soon. I will rite more next time.

C. Chapman

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