Letter to a friend

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Oct. 30, 1857

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Mary Wildes Lovell was 29 years old when this was written.
It was written 166 years, 1 month, 8 days ago.
It was a Friday.

North Weymouth
October 30th 1857

My Dear Mrs. Kingsbury,

I am almost in transport to hear that you are now probably in Boston and will so soon be here. I had given up all thought of seeing you for a long, long time and my joy at your message, I cannot describe. Mother sends her best love to you and says she will be disappointed and “offended” if you do not make her a good visit. If you will come to Weymouth, I will return to Kennebunk with you, certainly, truly, and surely. I would come to Boston to see you, but Mother says I must improve every moment in putting my wardrobe in a somewhat decent condition, and as I would not fail for all the world to be ready to go with you, I must restrain my zeal. If convenient please write me a line to let me know when you will come, so that I can meet you at the depot. Direct to N. Weymouth, also stop as North Weymouth, and not at E. W. and walk half a mile on the railroad. I shall send this by the express, and as it is only a few moments before it will arrive, I can write no more. Come soon,

Yours very affectionately,
Mary W. Lovell

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