Letter to brother from camp near Fredericksburg about camp life


Date Written

May 27, 1862

History Referenced

Reuben Herbine was 24 years old when this was written.
It was written 161 years, 4 months, 8 days ago.
It was a Tuesday.

Camp Fredericksburg Citty Virginia
May 27th 1862

Dear Brother,

I will enforme a few lines to you to let you know that I am well and I hope that this may find you all the same. I was sick a bout too weaks. I had some kind of a fever. I was perty sick but I got over it again. I am a little weak yet but it goes again. It is hard to get sick here to lay out on the ground and crackers to eat. I will state to you that we left our camp yesterday and crossed the Rappanick (Rappahannock) River. We are camped in the citty now. I would like to stay here a wile but I ges we will leve this afternoon again.

Too of our Brigades had to fight yesterday a few miles below town. Our men kild a good meny of them and took a hundred prisners. We did not loose meny men. We will fight our way to Richmond this weak yet. Further I want you to rite oftner to me. The last leter I got was on the 10 of May from you.

Cusin Ellen Althouse sent me her likeness last weak. I got mine taken the other day and I sent it to her. I tel you I make a fierce picture now. I have wiskers most six inches long and a gay looking mustash. Further if you get the papers this weak, you can read a little a bout our move of Gen. McDowell’s Army. The Rebels here again. They are 15 miles from yous now. This town is all session (secession). There is no union man lives here. They hardly look at the Yankees as they call yous but we will yank them yet.

Further Billy Hill was sick too. He is not rite well yet but don’t say anything to no body that his parents get to find it out or they will rite it to him that I saided. He don’t want them to now (know) it. He is over it again. I cannot rite much.

I got a poor plase to rite. I am seting on the ground. The seat is too low. I have not as much as a bord (board) to lay my paper on. You may think that it is a poor plase to rite. I did not sit on a chair or a bench for six months. We have no church here. Some Sundays we have the most work to do. But I read more in the testament here then I did at home and in my prair book. I do not sware any at tal. I think I am a little beter boy then I was at home. I want you to anser this as soon as you get it not wait a hole weak again. Til you rite.

Yours truly,
Reuben Herbine

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