Letter to family and asking for yarn


Date Written

May 6, 1792

Elizabeth Baldwin Titus was 35 years old when this was written.
The recipient, Hannah Baldwin, was 54 when it was received.

Elizabeth Baldwin Titus died 20 years, 2 months, 24 days after writing this.
It was written 231 years, 4 months, 29 days ago.
It was a Sunday.

May the 6th 1792,

Loving brother and sister. I wright to you to let you now [know] through the blessing of God we are in reasonable helth at preasant like wise David [?] people and David Baldwin’s. I hope that thes lines will find you and yourn in the same. I have not heard from you this grat wile and I should be very glad to see you or hear from you . I should be very much abliged to you if you would let Keziah know that I want my yarn if it is convenant for her to let me have it for I have had a peece more and it fel shart of norm and I not abliged to borrow and I have no flax to spin any more. I should be glad to now [know] how you are now a days. I do exspet that you are very lonesum now Keziah is gon. I conclude to you all, from your loving sister.

Elizabeth Titus

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