Letter to Randle Hulse Moale regarding some accounting issues


Date Written

Dec. 26, 1823

The following was written 199 years, 9 months, 7 days ago.
It was a Friday.

Annapolis 26, Dec. 1823

Dear Randle,

I have received your much esteemed favors of the 13th & 19th inst. and am extremely obliged by your kind attention. The acc’t enclosed in your last will be duly attended to. I send you herewith twenty one Dollars ($21) to pay the enclosed accts. Which I will thank you to return with receipts thereon. The Acct. of Miss McCormas is to be paid to Mrs. Bell and fifty cents with twelve and an half cent which Mrs. Bell owes me will pay for my child’s bonnet. You will therefore take her receipt for 12 1/2 cents. The letter for Boyd I will deliver to him as soon as he returns. Bowen has not yet paid the dollar he promised me. Inform me what was done with the property advertised for sale by the Sheriff of Baltimore County at the limit of the Farmer’s Bank of Maryland oblige.

Yours Sincerely,
R. M. Chase

_winn’s acc’t $12.00
Dobbin & others 3.00
Miss Mc Cormas’ 5.50
Mrs. Bell .62 1/2
$21.12 1/2

Randle H. Moale, Esq.

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