Letter to sister from Prison


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Sept. 5, 1864

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Jonathan Gibson Taylor was 25 years old when this was written.
Jonathan Gibson Taylor died 1 month, 9 days after writing it.
It was written 159 years, 28 days ago.
It was a Monday.

BK 75 Rock Island Ill. September 5, 1864

Dear Sister,

I rec'd your letter dated 7th Aug. & Sisters the 5th & the 13th of the same month. I answered Sister's two weeks ago & have been looking with anxious expectation for some time for a letter from home. I wrote to Bob last Monday, rec'd a letter from him stating that he had the flux about two weeks ago & was just recovering.

There is no chance to have my picture taken or have my teeth plugged. If an opportunity were to present itself in future I will have it taken & sent you if possible. You will please send me yours. I am afraid some person has made remarks about Shing's husband & they have reached her ears. I am surprised to hear that Miss Sue & Vansill were expected to marry as you stated, as their opinions in regard to other matters were so inconsistent. I am sorry to learn that Burr has turned out badly. I had no acquaintance with him but from what I heard from others. Suppose E. has made a very good selection. Mr. Eagles always conducted himself as a gentleman & I expect Katie is determined to marry him. I hope Cousin Millie will become reconciled to the match. I rec'd the box of provisions that you spoke of in your letter of the 13th.

The book, paper fine envelopes & jelly cake were not rec'd I suppose you did not send the medicine as it was not on the list that I found in the box. You, I no doubt have seen the late order issued by the war dept. prohibiting supplies sent to prisoners. The health of the prison is tolerable good considering the circumstances. My own health has been unusually good since my imprisonment. I expected the mail in the evening but it too late now. Give my love to Aunt Temp & tell her that I am glad to hear that she has not forgotten me & I hope to see her again. Give my love to Pa and all the family, relations, & friends. Your aff. brother

Gibson Taylor

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