Letter to son



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My dear little son,

Though you are in infancy and yet unprepared to read a letter yet you have friends who will read for you and tell its contents in prayer to him on high for my own and only little babe.

Jimmie, I tender this for your benefit when you shall have grown old enough to read and reflect upon it–Enclosed is the battle of Oak Hill fought between Gen’l Ben Mc Cullock of the Confederate State Army and Gen. Lyon of the United States Army. Perhaps this is where I will remain until I shall return home and I shall be happy to sit you on my knee and point to you the different points occupied by the southern boys then I shall be happy to know that I too was one among the sufferers in the

Though the hardships are heavy yet I feel blessed to be able to go into the contest for my country.

May God help, guide and protect you while in this wide and wicked world and when it shall be his pleasure to number your body will the pale nations of the Earth may your spirit be carried to the skies on flowery beds of ease where ever peace is plenty and happiness unalleged is the prayer of your

Aft. Father John M. Warren
18th Georgia Regiment
Captn’s Armstrong

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