Mother reads son still in battlefield

Date Written

Sept. 11, 1864

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Eliza Davis Penly was 44 years old when this was written.
The recipient, Joseph Albert Penly, was 23 when it was received.

Eliza Davis Penly died 42 years, 8 months, 25 days after writing this.
It was written 159 years, 22 days ago.
It was a Sunday.

September 11 [1864]

Well Alfred I will write you a few lines this morning. I see in the last paper that you are still in the battlefield. Well there is nothing of eny importance adoing now. Your Father is a cutting bushes own back up the barn to get ready to plow. It makes slow work for one alone to do much in farming. We have not had eny frost as yet. Stearns was frightened he was afraid of the draft. He went off to Portland and enlisted to go aboard of a man of war. He will sell off his cattle and hogs and move out next week. The girls are off a axpecting hopes they have old men to attend, hop boxes this year for the boys have all gone to war. Chut is acutting around here, It ain’t every soldier that has such an easy time as he does.

You write whare George is and what he is a going to do. Thare has been great rejoicing in the cities at the fall of Atlanta. John Casey was married last Monday, has gone to New Jersey to see his brother that is sick in the hospital.

I don’t know of anything more to write that will be interesting to you. You write soon.

I send you one stamp that is all there is in the house. I will send some when I write next.

This is from your Mother

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