Mother writes to her POW son in Elmira Prison


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Sept. 8, 1864

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The recipient, Robert Collins, was 26 when this was received.
The following was written 159 years, 27 days ago.
It was a Thursday.

I will write to Dick in a few days. J.Wesley Collins

Williamson Co, Tennessee
September the 8, 1864

Dear Robert,

I reseved your letter and Richard's today stateing you was at elmira. I rote to you August the 22, but I supos you had left befour it reached you. I am glad you reseved your clothing befour you left. We are all well at presant hopeing this will find you boath well. I hav reseved all the letters you hav rote to me. This is 5 we hav reseved. You rote to me a bout the mony we sent you. Your father sent you 5 dolar and your Uncle Daniel sent Richard 5 dolars. He rote a letter and sent it by express a week before I sent you cloathing. I sent you some stamps in my las letter I sent you. You will not get them as you had left. Uncle Garnet sends his love to you and Richard and ses he hopes you will soon come home. You must rite as soon as you get this letter. I like to here from you as often as posible. Richard rote to me for cloathing. Tel him I will send him some as soon as I can find them. Avee and Liz sends thare love to you. Sis ses she will rite to you soon. Your father sends his love to you. I must close so no more presant. I remane your effectionet mother until death.

F. T. Collins

P.S. Dear Bob, Daniel and myself sent you and Dick ten dollars. If you have got any money, 5 of it is yours, I will try and tend to your wants. My love to both.
J. Wesley Collins

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