Mother writes to son in Elmira Prison


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Nov. 13, 1864

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The following was written 158 years, 10 months, 20 days ago.
It was a Sunday.

Williamson Co. Tennessee
Nov. 13, 1864

Dear Richard,

I have your cloathing ready to send you last. You think the time long we hav been sick was the cause of us being so slow. We are all on the mend. I will send you a list of the articles, 2 par of pants, 2 par of drawers, 2 shirts, 3 pairs socks, 1 coat, 1 vest, 1 hankerchief, 1 hat, 1 par shoes, 1 pair of suspenders, 2 combs, 2 pairs of glovs, 5 pound of tobaco, 2 blanket, half a quire paper, 20 stamps, 20 envelope; half the stamps, paper, and envelope is for Robert. The tobacco, 1 par gloves, 1 par of socks is also for Robert. So soon as you get those artacle, rite if you get them all. Give my love to Robert and tel him I will rite to him soon. Sis sends her love to you boath. Liz and Ary sens thare love to you boath. Your Paw reseved your letter of date, the Oct the 24 and rote a few days ago. My sheet is so short, I must close, rite to me soon. I remane your effectionnet mother until dath.

F T Collins to Richard W Collins

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