Mother writes to son in Elmira Prison


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Feb. 8, 1865

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The recipient, Robert Collins, was 27 when this was received.
The following was written 158 years, 7 months, 25 days ago.
It was a Wednesday.

Williamson Co. Tennessee
February 8, 1865

Dear Robert,

I seat myself to inform you that we are all well at presant. Hoping these few lines find you enjoying the same blessing. I reseved your letter dated the 17 and your pa has reseved your letter of the 4 and Richard's dated No. the 21. We hav not ritten to you as their has bine (been) no regular male to Franklin for 3 months until A few days A go we hav seen a heap of troubles sens I rote you. The rogues hav taken the last hors (horse) we hav to more and gether our crop. Your paw sold his corn in the field at 4 dolars a barel. He will sell 100 hundred barels of corn. It is snowing now and a deep snow in the ground. It has bine very cold here this winter. I am ferful you will freeze to death. It is so cold up thare. I herd the priserners in your camp has the small pox. If it is so rite to me soon. If you want money you must send a permit from your commander. We canot send it without. I rote to Richard but have not reseved any answer yet. I must close at presant. Sent 50 cts.

F T Collins to R B Collins

Mr. R. B. Collins Prisoner of War
If you are going to have an exchange of prisoners write it to me in your next. Love to you both.
J. Wesley Collins

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