North Carolina senator writes Father In Law


Date Written

Nov. 21, 1870

Andrew Carson Cowles was 37 years old when this was written.
The recipient, Reuben Reynolds, was 57 when it was received.

Andrew Carson Cowles died 10 years, 1 month, 15 days after writing this.
It was written 153 years, 17 days ago.
It was a Monday.

Charlotte, Nov. 21/1870
3 o’clock PM

Dear Mr. Reynolds,

We arrived here yesterday at 12M and of course could do nothing until this morning. I have not had time to show the horses around as I should like to have done. Wardsworth, the livery man thinks that if their colts were turned and they were driven in Columbia that $500 might be obtained for them but thinks we had better take $400. I leave it with your more mature judgment to decide. I intend to invest the money for my wife’s benefit in some good security and should you conclude to take the price Mr. Best offers, do so. I have been very busy today and feel overworked this evening, have not had time to think of dinner but have had plenty of time to think of my new boots and corns.

I sold my whiskey for 1.75 and shall hold over a part of my brandy, it being superior to any on the market. I do not like to take less than $2 per gal.

I go to Raleigh tonight. I shall write to Maggie from there tomorrow night. Bro’ Calvin has gone to the M__ to sell ______all____will at his house tho’ I have not spent an hour there since my arrival. The baby is reasonably healthy. Barkley is to return the keg I sold him with Uncle Hugh’s whiskey and you will please deliver it to Dickerson with the 10 gal. keg left in the ice house. I think I shall arrange for Dickerson to bring my ________down on the 1st Dec. with a load for this______.

I _____if you think the money, $200 for which we agree to take Best’s____safe (and I can not see why it should not be) you had better close with him, but if you and Uncle Hugh think there is any doubt in regard to it, I would not advise it on my ______responsibility. If you don’t make the trade with Best we ought to have them here at the Fair 1st Dec.

I send you a little more of the _________than Uncle Hugh ordered and you will observe I got it 2 1/2 cts cheaper on that acc’t.

Sister Bell I fear will not like her shawl at the price 2.25 but it is the best I could do, there was but one like Carrie’s. I have not sent Maggie anything but in lieu thereof send her any quantity of love. I hope she will be drawn to be cheerful & take care of herself. She must read this to you with the aid of sister Bell with remembrances to all.

I am affectionately.
Andrew C. Cowles

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