N.Y. Governor suggests protocol to Acting Superintendent of West Point


Date Written

Sept. 24, 1814

History Referenced

Daniel D. Tompkins was 40 years old when this was written.
The recipient, Alden Partridge, was 29 when it was received.

Daniel D. Tompkins died 10 years, 8 months, 18 days after writing this.
It was written 209 years, 9 days ago.
It was a Saturday.

West Point, Saturday night
Sept. 24th 1814

Dear Sir,

I arrived at this place, after a tedious passage from New York, at about ten o’clock; and learning that you had probably retired to bed, & were not well, I have concluded to trouble you with a line.

The acting Secretary of War has informed me that you were authorized to furlough three cadets to take command of and discipline a Corps of Cadets which I intend to organize in New York. The meeting of the legislature will retard the organization for a few weeks. In the mean time permit me to suggest the propriety of selecting young men of different ages, that is, the Captain to be the eldest, the lieutenant next in age, & the ensign younger than either. It will have a tendency to promote subordination amongst the officers. Permit me to request that you will by the next mail acquaint me with the names of the young gentlemen you propose to select & furlough for the above purpose.

It would oblige me if you will at the same time inform me what has been done upon the application of the inhabitants of Orange, Ulster, etc. to fortify the point.

I am D. sir, very respectfully,
Your Oblg.

Daniel D. Tompkins

Capt. Partridge

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