Ohio for Lewis Cass and Free Soil party, but I'm for Taylor


Date Written

Nov. 15, 1848

History Referenced

Marcus Tullius Cicero Wing was 50 years old when this was written.
The recipient, David Davis Wing, was 46 when it was received.

Marcus Tullius Cicero Wing died 14 years, 3 months, 11 days after writing this.
It was written 174 years, 10 months, 18 days ago.
It was a Wednesday.

Gambier [Ohio]
Nov 15 1848

Dear brother,

I was thinking only a day or two before I got your letter, whether I should ever get an answer to my letter or not, & was about concluding to write whether or no,--I am not so very particular as you suppose about not writing except in answer to one from you, but I have some fear I should continue to write whether you do, or not.

I am glad to hear you are all prospered with tolerable health, & a competent measure of temporal comforts. My family & myself have the same reason to be thankful, tho my own health has not been as good for a year or two past as formerly. This is no more, however, than I ought to expect, having just entered upon my 50th year. It seems hardly possible that it is so, but my grey hairs, failing eye sight, bodily pains, to say nothing of other infirmities, & especially a houseful of boys & girls who call me father, are convincing evidences of the fact. I feel I ought to be more diligent “to redeem the time”, “to work while it is called today”, in ever “to make my calling selection sure.”

I have changed my residence for the first time since I have been married. I have built me a house on my farm about ¾ of a mile from the college, & move to it last June. It was unfinished then & we contribute some of our poor health to this cause. I have had a hired man for most of the year & have carried on a part of the farming myself. I have about 90 acres cleared, & to show you how we farm here & will just say that I have had about 18 acres of wheat sown this fall, 14 of them are summer fallow. My tenant has also put in 12 acres of summer fallow, & six or seven of clover sod. Wheat is our money crop & is worth about 75¢ per bushel. I get ⅖ of the tenant ready for market. My oldest boy Charles now near 13 has entered college, William the second will be ready to enter next fall. He lives to work better than study, but in both has a good deal of go ahead about him. My oldest girl is studying Latin, & making very good proficiency. By the way, I have four girls now, one more than when I wrote you last. Her name is Catharine Maria.

Maria’s health is now pretty good. She was out to see us today & told me she had rec’d a letter from home since I rec’d yours. Maria is very much esteemed here, for her good sense, good management & general efficiency. She is not likely to get a husband soon as I know of, tho’ she has some offers which some probably would have jumped at.

We have had some political excitement here, tho’ not as much as some former elections. Ohio, you of course know has gone for [Lewis] Cass though it has a small whig majority. This is owing, I suppose, to the “free soil” movement which has taken strongly with the whigs on the “Reserve”. I have been in favor of Taylor ever since he declared himself opposed to party, & party pledges. We need a Pres’t who will act not from the dictates of party, but for the good of the country—as I hope Gen’l Taylor will, but time will show.

Capt. Lynde & his family have gone to Arkansas, where his country is stationed. Richard I hear is going to West Point, & Chs. Into a store at Rock River. They were in college here, but were to idle to do much. Uncle Joseph’s family I know very little about, they are living somewhere west of Columbus. Charles was not doing as well as he had been. I almost despair of seeing any of you in Ohio, tho’ I have hoped & rather expected it. The effect of age upon me is I find is to make the idea of a journey much more formidable than it used to be in some measure the case with you, but if we do not meet, I hope our children may. I hope to hear from you at least much oftener than I have done. Give much love to your wife & children. All mine with Maria wish to be remembered to you & yours. I remain very affectionately yours,

M. T. C. Wing

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