Ordering tombstone for parents' grave


Date Written

Dec. 11, 1823

The following was written 199 years, 9 months, 22 days ago.
It was a Thursday.

11 Dec. 1823

My Dear Randle,

I have received your much esteemed favor of the 9th Inst. and have now to inform you that my letter of the 4th Inst. referred to in my last, related to the tombstones, which I requested should be made of neat marble slabs and to rest on foundations of brick. I also informed you that my good Father with all the humility of a Christian, directed me to strike out the words, "The Honorable" on the intended inscriptions and that as I felt it might duty to obey him implicitly in all things, that I had done so, but that you would of course exercise your own discretion.

When I write you again, I will send "Bowen's" dollar.

Yours very truly,
R. M. Chase

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