Philadelphia the first day the Stamp Act of 1765 was implemented

Date Written

Nov. 1, 1765

History Referenced

Thomas Clifford was 43 years old when this was written.
Thomas Clifford died 28 years, 1 day after writing it.
It was written 257 years, 11 months, 2 days ago.
It was a Friday.

In Antigua per Capt. Bryan via St Kitts

Phila. 1st of November 1765

Esteemed Friends
Harper & Hartshorne

My last was the 8th ultimo since which am favoured with yours of Sep’ 7th, 20th & 25th covering bills of exchange value 150 £ St as therein expressed also—3d bills of some former sets all which is delivered as directed. I believe bills may now be bought as low as 67½ PrCt. Sugars are scarce and would yeild [sic] a high price according to their qualaty [sic], and rum from the time I wrote last hath kept on the rise & is quick sale by a quantaty [sic] at 4/pr gallon. Some think it will get up to 5/ but that is uncertain tis not possible to foresee the change of markets and no doubt tis best it should be so. From the prices quoted I cannot expect anything but ballast in the "Snow", have no account from her since she left the Cape. Flour keeps high yet and is in great demand.

Almost every vessel in port is cleared out before the Stamp Act was to take place. This is the last day the offences will be kept open on the presant [sic] plan and what will be done afterwards is quite uncertain. America is doing all they can to avert this heavy blow at Liberty, tis hoped next sessions of Parlament [sic] will repeal the Act as a respectful address to the King and a remonstrance to bothe Houses of Parlament is going or gone home from the representatives of the colonies united at a congress held at New York—how trade will be conducted for want of the stamps does not appear, and to suppose all business will be at a stand seems to me not probable yet for some time I expect there will be a stagnation to business as the aversion to this Act is very great; By the time the "Snow" can get ready if she should come safe back, I expect some method will be agreed on to clear out. Shall annex a price current and am your assured Friend.

Tho. Clifford

Fine Flour 16/ to 17/6
Comn Flour 14/6 to 15
Bread 15/
Pork 80/
Staves £7—10
heuding [?] £9
Shingles 14/ to 17/
Rum 4/ to 4/3
Molases 2/7 to 2/8
Sugar 47/6 to 60/
Coffee 10d to 11d
Cocoa 5£
Bills of exchange will not command cash inst. now at 67½ pr ct.

“Capt. Smith is requested to forward this letter as soon as possible and it will oblige his Frd “
Tho Clifford

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