Returning to family life after war


Date Written

May 17, 1865

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Lydia Clutch Ware was 64 years old when this was written.
The recipient, Isaah Clutch Ware, was 22 when it was received.

Lydia Clutch Ware died 20 years, 4 months, 10 days after writing this.
It was written 158 years, 4 months, 18 days ago.
It was a Wednesday.

May 17th 1865
Greentown, Howard Co., Ind.

Dear Son,

This is to inform you that your letter of the first came to hand a week ago, but as Ellen had started one a day or two before I thought I would wait a few days until Joseph came or we would hear from him. He arrived here last Friday. He is in good health and looks like he used too only move toward soldier fashion. He was at Jehu’s and over in Neb, found them all well. I don’t know how long he will stay; he is rather lost like all the soldiers. He is not acquainted with anyone here and Rosseter and Rachel has gone into Stark but we look for them back in a few days. Joseph wants too see you before he leaves. I hope you will soon be liberated as they have captured Jeff Daries, used his cabinet witch.

I expect you have heard before this, Ellen has had no letter from Kelley for more than a week, day before yesterday’s paper stated that Sherman’s Headquarters were at Alexandria’s Via. The women are all aglee thinking their men will soon be home and I guess there is an old woman that would be as glad to see her boy come as any of them would be to see their men, but I will try to exercise patience and if you haint sent home until your time expires it won’t be long. I shall not feel so uneasy about you as formerly as I think there will be no work. Fighting, Joseph said he saw Cap Hobson and that he was going to write to you. He will direct it here if it comes I will send it on. Joseph was at Old Peters, said they treated him first rate, but he could not feel himself at home as he used to. They get letters from “Jim”. He is up in Iowa. Our old neighborhood is settled by strangers, but few of the old settlers there. Crissman had to leave the 2 time and go to Neb city, the rebel heaven as it is called. Pater and his family lives at the cottonwood grove. Joseph was at Hushers, they were all well. Amandy Curl lives there, the Ballard is up in Rebel Heaven, Spencers have all gone to Kansas. He was at Sam Shoemaker, saw Fanny there. Jim is in the Rebel Army, yet I believe in Texas, Joseph said from her talk she won’t live with him. If he comes home, I believe that is all of interest. I have to tell you of what he told us, but I hope you will have the good luck to get home before he leaves. Uncle John is quite bad, Father saw Dr.Weaver this morning. He is tending on him. He says there is no chance of him getting well. The Ballance are all well. Father’s feet and legs don’t seem to get much better. He is trying a new medicine now he thinks [it] will help him. He has not got all his grafts set out yet as it has been so wet and [if] he works at it one day, he is crippled up so he can hardly get about. He has not got his lot broke for corn, still waiting for the ground to get in good order. The farmers are all behind, not near done planting; nothing of interest in town going on at present. Joseph and Ellen and myself went out to Jim’s day before yesterday; they were well. He is a little discouraged so much to do and his boys gone. I think Charly is at Chattanooga and talks of joining the regulars so I don’t as I have anything more to tell you now but sincerely hope you will soon be at home and I can feed you on butter and milk which I have in abundance and I think some honey, but Father is afraid of the bees as they are like the rebels, want to be left alone, so I will stop with my foolishness. Hoping to hear from you soon. Your Mother as ever.

Lydia Ware
to I. Ware

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