Revolutionary War soldier misses his family and writes of reenlisting


Date Written

March 12, 1780

John S. Stacy was 22 years old when this was written.
The recipient, Samuel Stone, was 28 when it was received.

It was written 243 years, 6 months, 23 days ago.
It was a Sunday.

March 12th 1780

Loving Brother and Sister after du (due) respect to you I would inform you that I am wal (well) and all the rest of your relation(s) and I hop thes lins (hope these lines) will find you so. I am vari (very) unhappy to inform you that I can't come and se (see) you by reson (reason) of bad going and wont (want) of money. I hav bin wating (have been waiting) this long time to git sum mony (get some money) at Boston but hav (have) not got any yet. But hop (hope) to git (get) it sun (soon). I dount no how sun (don't know how soon). I am oblige(d) to marsh (march) in a fu (few) days to Camp. I have been vari (very) disirous (desirous) to com (come) and se (see) you but times being so that vari (very) inconvenient to go any wair (where). The reson (reason) that I hav (have) not rot (wrote) to you be fur (before) now was that I have been wat (what) hoping to com (come) and pay you vesiat (visit) but I hav bin vari (have been very) much disappointed. I hant (haven't) any nous (news) to rit (write). Mi (my) Sister hulday arrived hear (here) a weak (week) ago yesterday after a long and tedious gourney (journey)and vary nerly beat ought (very nearly beat out). She also sands hur lov (sends her love) to you and all the rest of the good peple (people). I have no ned (need) of saying I have reenlisted for you have doughlys (doubtless) heard of it. I would not have you think of me not coming to se (see) you for I am vari disirous (very desirous) to com (come). I hop the time will sun com (soon come) when woars shal sise war (wars shall cease, where) relation and friend ma liv togeter in pise (may live together in peace) and the noays (noise) of war be not heard. Your sur and warm wal. So, I must take my leav (leave) of you. Ma (may) God send suxses (successes) in all your undertakings. So no more.

So I remain your loving brother,
John Stacy

The following information has been added to the end of the letter by an unknown writer:
Nathaniel Biglow was born June 17, 1706.
Nathaniel Stacy was born June 15, 1728 and died December 28, 1760.
Mary Biglow was born October 31, 1727 and died February 12, 1792.
Anne Stacy born December 27, 1751.
Mary Stacy born April 13, 1753.
Joanna Stacy born May 18, 1755.
John Stacy born June 15, 1757.
Caleb Stacy born October 14, 1758.
Huldah Stacy born September 27, 1760.

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