Scarlet fever on the homefront; fear of losing family on the battlefront


Date Written

Nov. 2, 1862

Member of Series

John Reep was 39 years old when this was written.
The recipient, Amzi Alexander Hawn, was 28 when it was received.

It was written 160 years, 11 months, 1 day ago.
It was a Sunday.

State of N. C.
Lincoln County
November the 2 1862

Dear Brothers, I seat myself once more to let you [k]now that we are all well at present and I hope when this few lines come to hand that will find you all well and enjoying good health we received your loving and kind letter of the 22 which found us all well. We was all glad to here from you but sory to here that your health warent good and we was glad to here that both of your familys was well.

There is a great deal of sickness in the neighborhood. I will name som of them. Three of Iseral mostellars died with the sore throat and scarlot feaver in les than three weaeks time and three more sick and som of Solomon Seins children is sick and also George Coons litle son has the sore throat.

Dear brothers we are sory to here that you had no preaeching. We was at preaeching to day at Daniel’s church. We wanted to go to the camp meatin last Sunday at Bethcham but it was to cold an rainy. It rained hard al day and we had som mity white frosts this weak. We have got all our corn all shucked and our wheat soad but we have got som rye to sow yet and I can inform you that the people is not don stealing yet.

There was about ten sids of lether tacon [taken] from Henry Ramrons last weaek. I am glad to here that you draw som good bread and beaf for I now [know] you fair bad at the very best. I hardly ever sit down to the table but what I think about you and all the rest of the poor soldiers. I herd a letter read from Emanuel Houser not long agow one of our neighbor boys stats that he was in ten hard battles besides the scrimmages and in one battle he had four hols shot through his coat and he came out safe every time. My dear brothers we would like to see you all and talk with you face to face and we pray to the lord to speedily hasten the time when you may all return home again. O’ may the lord bless you in your trials and comfort your distressed familys is my favor for Christ sack. Pleas rite soon I must drow my letter to a close by saing that we will remain yours affectinant brothers till deth.

John Reep Anna E. Reep
To: A. A. Hawn A. R. Yoder

[Short note from John and Anna Reep’s son]

Dear Uncls you must excuse me for my bad spelling and riting. Pleas look over mistakes for mistakes ever makes hastacks.

Laban M. Reep

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