Seeing prisoners on the home front

Date Written

March 19, 1865

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Amanda S. Penly was 19 years old when this was written.
The recipient, Joseph Albert Penly, was 24 when it was received.

It was written 158 years, 6 months, 4 days ago.
It was a Sunday.

March 19, 1865

My Dear Brother,

I will now try to answer yours of the 8 it finds us all well. Was very glad to hear from you, had begun to think you was sick for it had been some time since we heard from you. This is a very pleasant day and the snow is nearly all gone, I shan’t be sorry. I had a letter from Father last night, he is well but how he likes a soldiers life is more than I can tell he said they started this morning from Gallops Island Boston Harbor and from there to Savannah he goes in the 12 Me. Co. G. he went home last Saturday and back Monday so you see his stay is short. Geo. Came one week ago tomorrow he is looking nicely fat and black as I am and that is black enough. Nell and he went home the next day. I suppose they will have a grand old time and so did we which he staid. I have been having my teeth fild and they every one ache. I have to go and have some more fild this week.

There was fat prisoners came into Portland yesterday. They was from Richmond Libby Prison. There was some belonged in this place, they acted like crazy beings. I suppose they was glad to get home once more. I think I should be if I wer they.

I commenced to write you last week but did not succeed. We were very well for Lydia left the stove on and fild the room full up with smoke so I could not see at all. I suppose you have got it before this. Mother wrote she was agoing to put planting and serving but only share. And hire the grass but she wrote she wanted to get Uncle Ben Walker but I don’t think he would be contented for he likes to be where there is moar excitement. I think it will be better for her to do so far men is [?] at least I have not heard anything about the 62 boys coming home. Some this spring nor seen anything in the papers as yet.If we d I will send it to you. I suppose Mother has wrote you before this and Nell and I don’t expect I have wrote you any news for we have none now only from Sherman and I think he is doing a pretty big thing. Annie’s getting ready to go to a lecture and she is primping up stangely. I am agoing to write to Father as soon as I here from him again for he sa not he would write us as soon as he gets to a slashing place. I can’t think of any moar this time so goodbye.

Until I hear from you all. Write soon.

From Amanda S. Penly

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