Senator from North Carolina writes Father In Law


Date Written

March 16, 1871

Andrew Carson Cowles was 38 years old when this was written.
The recipient, Reuben Reynolds, was 58 when it was received.

Andrew Carson Cowles died 9 years, 9 months, 20 days after writing this.
It was written 152 years, 8 months, 22 days ago.
It was a Thursday.

Raleigh, N. Carolina
March 16 1871

My Dear Mr. Reynolds,

I sent you per express yesterday $80 with the request that you forward to my father. This morning Dr. York, Commissioner from Wilkes, has agreed to go up tomorrow night and will reach Statesville on Saturday morning’s train and will go to Hamptonville that night, you can look out for him and give him the package containing the money–this will relieve you of the trouble and me the expense of hiring someone. If York should disappoint me and not go up–you will please send it in time to reach Paley Sunday night.

Bro’ Coline is right sick home–The heavy fall in radical political stock resulting from the “sweepstakes” defeat of radicalism in the recent New Hampshire elections. The flight of the Governor to that bourne from which no radical returns (Washington City) without being sustained by a partisan soldiering and congressional acts of oppression which it seems, judging from the fate of Cobb’s Ku Klux bill will not be so easily obtained in the future. I hope Bro’ C. will realize the fact that he has been acting the role of “poor dog tray” in his quasi endorsement of radical corruptions and in the future will change his platform or abjure politics altogether.

Mr. Smith will speak to day in the defense of the Governor, Graham having concluded yesterday.

Henry and his wife left here this morning for Wilmington will return Sunday. They have been here a couple of days.

I have an assurance from the Post Office Department that the old route by Mary of Liberty Hill, Snow Creek, Ohio, Houstonville to Hamptonville will be opened--This will give 2 mails per week.

Give my love to Maggie & I will not write to her until Sunday. I hope that sister Bell has entirely recovered. This beautiful weather suggests that she ought ride out a short distance everyday. She would soon become accustomed to the slight exposures and I think would be very much benefited.

The galleries are beginning to fill. The clock indicates the hour for the_____of the count of impeachment, so I close.

Very affectionately,
Andrew C. Cowles

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