Sherman’s troops were agoing to Alexandria and Father is under him

Date Written

May 28, 1865

Member of Series

Amanda S. Penly was 19 years old when this was written.
The recipient, Joseph Albert Penly, was 24 when it was received.

It was written 158 years, 3 months, 26 days ago.
It was a Sunday.

May 28th 1865

I will now try and write you a few lines although it has been some time since I wrote you. We are all well in the woods now days I should have wrote you long ago if I had not thought would have been to home. We have looked for you for the past week every night but it seems you have not arrived as yet but I hope you will be along this week for I have got [?] waiting for you to come. Nell is to have [expect] to go to Boston soon. We have not heard from Father for three weeks but I hope we will here from him soon.

We have not got done plantin yet for it rains nearly all the time. It rains here today but we have had company nearly all day and in fact we have [?] it for the past three weeks. Have you heird the news if not I will tell you or at least inform you of your little sister only two weeks and a half old. She don’t [?] much now but may in time. Mother has just got up, she can come out and look around a little but calls herself company. Just the same Mother wants to know if you have seen anything of Father yet.

We see in the papers, Sherman’s troops were agoing to Alexandria and Father is under him. Chas Chase , Jr. wants you to draw a packet such as you have large enough for him and bring it home to him and he will pay you when you come. He was here today. I played him some, they say he is cuting around strangely with the girls on the river ready. He keeps his Mother in hot water all of the time. I can’t write much moar to night for it is time I should relieve for a private life. Nell has gone to bed long ago and I will do the same in a short time far I am pesky slim to night I will say. Good Bye for this time. Hope to see you soon. My love to all and accept the same, good night and pleasant dreams come.


[Note on back unsigned but not in Amanda’s writing. Probably his Mother]
Well Alfred I have looked for you until I am almost blind. But I am in hopes this week will bring some of you home for we can’t plant not a thing as yet. You had better get you some clothes when you get in to Portland or Augusta

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