Signs of the war ending, President dead

Date Written

May 3, 1865

Member of Series

Emily Orissa Chase was 22 years old when this was written.
The recipient, Joseph Albert Penly, was 24 when it was received.

It was written 158 years, 5 months, ago.
It was a Wednesday.

East Machias
May 3rd 1865

Dear Friend,

I received your letter last week but could not answer it before this as I have been sick. I made an attempt last Sunday night to write you but was not able to go on with it so I had to wait until today. I was very sorry to let it go so long without answering for I always try to be prompt in my answering my letters but I hope you will excuse me as sickness prevented this time.

Since wrote you last we have met with sad as well as good news. Oh. How sad it seems that our President should be killed and now just as he was beginning to see the rebellion put down, how sad that he should be taken away so sudden, not even one moments warning but oh, I hope that the one that now acts in his place will fill his place and everything will be the same as if Abraham Lincoln was our President—still God grant that it may be so that war will soon cease and peace will spread over our land and the brave soldiers that have been so long in their country services and have fought so heavily will have the pleasure of seeing their friends and enjoy the pleasures of their homes once more. What a happy day that will be when peace is once more declared, there will be some rejoicing. I think I for one will rejoice with my whole heart.

Perhaps you may think II am boasting but I trust my patriotic principles are good and I trust they may always reason good. I think I shall I have reasons to rejoice and be thankful to for I have some dear friends in the army. We are expecting some of our Towne boys home soon. I hope they will all come, it will not be so lonesome when the absent ones return. Well I guess I must draw this letter to a close as I must write to my soldier brother today. I owe him two letters so you will excuse this poor letter and except it with the kind regards of your Friend,

Emily O. Chase

P.S. Write soon as I shal be anxious to know if I have directed this right or not—if not you will not get it.

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