Sisters writing of good times back home on the farm

Date Written

Jan. 2, 1865

Member of Series

Amanda S. Penly was 18 years old when this was written.
The recipient, Joseph Albert Penly, was 23 when it was received.

It was written 158 years, 8 months, 21 days ago.
It was a Monday.

Lewiston Maine
Jan the 2d, 1865

Dear Brother My Own,

As I have a plenty of spare time will just say how do you do this pleasant evening, but first I must tell you I am answering your letter which has not been rec’d as yet—but looked for every day and every mail. We are all well and expect to be all next week. Hope this will find you and room mates the same. I ain’t here much news so you kneed not look for any in this far if you do I am afraid you will get disappointed now. I will tell most all I know in general. One week ago last Saturday night Chas and Charles Moody came here. They cut around here one week. He took Nell and me to a sleigh ride, we had a grand time, then we called on the Scherlmarm, then he went down to Deacon Pensly’s and staid until he went home. He says he is coming down here to work. He says they are agoing to be at the Ball at Mt. Zircon next Wednesday Eve. I was there New Years don’t wish to be again this winter but you and I will be arcossed town in happiness won’t we and stand some on their heads.

Sunday morning Feb 5th
I will now try to finish this it being my birthday to hope and pray you will be here befoar it comes again. Your letter was read last week by us all. We began t think that you had forgotten to write it. Snows very hard here today and I will have to stay in dors today. I will tell you one week ago last night, I went to a pretty big fiar [fair] in Lincoln and there was a number of buildings burnt to the ground. We have not heard from home since Chas was down, I think we will here this week.

I must tell you Maria Greenleaf has become a Christian she was baptized one week ago to day over the river to the universalist. Ann is pretty budge writing to Jefferson. He calls her a bucket of fun she sends her love to him and you all. She is writing to Witham and she sends her love to Paymun. My thinking motive is all out of [?] and I will close for fear you can’t read this. Write soon and I will do the same.


Dear Brother,
We received your ever kind and welcome letter and was glad to know you was well, we are all well and enjoying life. Amanda is popping corn and were you here, we would treat you on popcorn and kisses. Never mind everything looks bright for a speedy termination of the war and then we shall have you to ourselves for awhile. I received a letter from George last week, he talks of going to see you if he is ever so fortunate as to get leave. Ann is sitting here putting on more airs than a Dutchmen writing her resignation to send to Whitham for she has played him out.

I shall be ashamed to write to you by and by for your last letter was wrote much better than I can write, I do not expect to know you when you come home. I will send you a stamp.
Ellen [Nellie]

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