Soldier documents his enlistment in diary form


Date Written

Sept. 25, 1862

Member of Series

Joseph Albert Penly was 21 years old when this was written.
The recipient, Eliza Davis Penly, was 42 when it was received.

Joseph Albert Penly died 66 years, 4 months, 4 days after writing this.
It was written 161 years, 2 months, 13 days ago.
It was a Thursday.

Augustia September 25th 1862

Left home September 15 1862 and went to the wane with bishop mondy, the 15th went to Anaustia and was axzamiened went with one hors and four in the wagon got back at one o’clock at nite and P. [Penly?] started at nine in the morning with seventeen others for Augustia and took dinner at the hotel and then started for camp grown compeny was orginised that nite. Captain Fletcher chosen as captain, Stutontford chosen as first lutenant. George Host was as secon lutenant.
17 nothing orcurd of eny amount
18 the same 19 the same 20
P. enlisted in the six main batry under thirstin
21 went to meaton

Monday was mustered in Mount Zircoin and received fifty five dolars and drew one blouse, one jacket, one pair of pants, one pair of shirts, one blanket, two pairs of draws, two pars of footins, one case, one knapsack, one haversack, one canteen, one pair boots

Tuesday 22 [n]othin orcourd worth note
Wednesday 23 went downtown and bout sum things came back and wrote home
Thirsday 25 was over to the hospital and Friday the 26 came back Saterday the 27
Tried for a furlow but got none after noon went in and I had a baith and
went downtown sundy the 28 is quite fogy feel quite discoriaged and wish myself at home
Mr. Joseph A. Penly, Milton, P.T., Me.
unpleasant discontent

Sundy 28 havin ben to meaton I fel quite beter mondy the 29.
Father came in the morning September the 29 1862 Father starts for home. It is avery hot day. J. A. Penly
September 30 mooved our tents and went after afroom and bedin whent twise after broom.

October the 1 1862
Quite cold and went out on drill
Oc 2 on drill and it wraines today.
Oc 3 ongard today and it is pleasant
Oc 4 Rainy day today
Oc 5 whent to meaton this foornoon
Oc 6 quite pleasant recieved a leter from Ann
Oc 7 found a man that was down
Oc 8 on gard today
Oc 9 mooved to camp Me lelon and went after bowd
Oc 10 Wrote to Ann and was paid of thirteen dolars
Oc 11 was paid of today $28.00
Oc 12 wrote home today
Mr. Joseph A. Penly, Milton, P.T., Me.
Oc 13 left Augustia
Oc 14 left Boston for New York
Oc 15 left New York for ballin
Oc 16 left ballin for Washington
Oc 17 looked for the batry
Oc 18 [?] Washington
Oc 19 incamped on capitol hill
Oc 20 [?]
Oc 21 went and got horses
Oc 22 got horses shod
Oc 23 left Washington

{Written vertically on side of letter}
Discontent and foolishness better staid ware I was

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