Soldier in Washington, saw Lincoln

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Aug. 24, 1862

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The following was written 161 years, 1 month, 11 days ago.
It was a Sunday.

August the 24th 1862

My Dear Brother and Sister,

I am well and I hope that these lines will find you the same. Frank and hank is writing. Frank and West and Hank and Frank Weedenburg and myself tent together. West is sick in the tent now. We have moved to Fort Lyon 12 miles from where we did lay. We moved yesterday. It was very hot too. We are just one mile from Alexandria. My respects to all. Be good children.

Some of our boys give out yesterday, they was sun stoke but the Breesport boys came through safe. I guess that we marched too hard. We are all very lazy today. We had to carry a very heavy load.

Did you get my letter that i sent you? Write as soon as you get this and let me know how you all are. Tell the old dad that I am not sick of my bargain and I hope that he will do well and I will try and do the same and tell Jimmy that he must be a good boy and take care of yourself and go to school. I can't write very well but I will do as well as I can. My hand trimbles now because I can't get over yesterday's travels. I hope that I will see you all again. I have not had any letters from you yet but as soon as I get a letter I will write again.

I have seen Old Abe. He is a big tall swathery (swarthy) old Cuss. He says that we are the best Regiment that ever come through the city and for that reason we are going into Fort.

William E. Vanaucken

Direct your letters to Washington DC care of Capt. Slocum
Company D 107th Regiment NYV

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